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>Honestly what were you thinking by posting your buy orders for SPXL? Imagine on March 9, with everything going on in the market and the world, you thought "yeah this is a good time to drop a cool 1,500 on a 3x leveraged bull ETF"
>Incredibly embarrassing.
How do you know we've already reached the bottom?
How do you know we haven't already reached the bottom?

Imagine in March 9th, you're the fucking guy that posted the retarded shit I just read, and you think to yourself, "yeah, imma shit in the street. imma shit in the fucking street, and then load the fuck up on TVIX because I know EXACTLY how the future is gonna play out."
How'd your plan work out for our previous regular TVIX anons that did that shit, like teh_profit or RKG?

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