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>tfw elites crash the world economy AGAIN just to keep Linkies from making it

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>words words words words
Make a cool rich pepe edit of your shit coin or fuck off. I can't read all this shit

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can romanians be trusted tho?

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How about be cool and ask them to let you in and give you advice? You wanna steal crypto? From your friends? I would knock your teeth you if you said that in front of my you little bitch. You would deserve it, faggot. I 100% guarantee they've brought up crypto in front of you and you made some stupid fuck smart ass remark, and THAT is why they didn't let you in. But now that you hear they are making money, you're pissing and screaming? Fucking pussy. Anyway, tell them you are interested in investing and they will help you.

Although tbqh your friends are probably retards and you're better off just browsing /biz/.

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>tfw in America it is easier to make $300k than to have sex with a woman

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>I don't understand market hours

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Jesus christ what the fuck is wrong with reddit. If this post was made here, 3 people would call him a fucking tardo and the thread would die.

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>You won't make money selling the stock at an inflated price
Are you fucking retarded? Also, where are all these low quality pepes coming from?

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Are you retarded? The marketing is great. Website is smooth and it’s designed to simplify the process for normies. They are targeting normies not Autists like you

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No no-linkers allowed!

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fucking /biz/

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have $10k worth of link, thinking of tethering up soon, should I sell everything or a half? half seems like a safer option

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>>Oh boy! I finally bought some stocks, bonds or precious metals! Now I can finally...um...

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I was 50% YtD but bow I'm like 15%.
Not selling, though.

Byw I NEED screens of normies crying because they are bankrupt.

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bobo why you always ruining the party you were never invited faggot

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dangerously based

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>wall with hats hanging

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show penis

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xrp adoption pump incoming.

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What is wrong with people?
Holy fuck there's video??? Zoomer facial abuse and ass play.

As an investment I can see the appeal, but that's not why the faggot bought it and so for that his behaviour should be condemned. What disgusting piece of shit spends $5000 on used panties?

This whole fucking thread is making me rage.

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