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The bear market wrecked me. Now I have nothing left to invest.

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i kinda feel sad about all that SHIB burned, i liked the doggy

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Why won't the Fed just crash the system and destroy all the parasites

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Sucked my first cock today. It wasn't worth it. not for $50. My life used to be so good before I got into crypto...

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TFW I have an IQ above 65

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well, when you ask like that

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i cant buy any more until next friday. we're gonna 2x by then aren't we ?

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I'm 30 years old and have no friends.

I've been NEET pretty much my whole life. A bit over a year ago I got a WFH job which makes decent money. I almost have 100k saved up but I feel so empty inside. I literally do nothing but save and invest in crypto. I check my portfolio 100 times a day for that hit of dopamine. I have no relationships with the outside world. I feel demoralized that everyone living their life and I'm at home. I have this dumb vision that one day I'll make it and then my life will begin for real. But I'm just deluding myself. I have no experiences and basically go weeks at a times without going outside. It's really depressing to know I've missed out on so much. You guys are my only social connections, a group of possibly homosexual anons who share opinions on how to build/lose wealth on a mongolian basket-weaving forum. Money helps with a lot of aspects of life, but I feel so lonely as soon as I step away from the computer and realize my whole existence seems worthless.

Anyways, share tips on side hustles or whatever, I'm so depressed.

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I'm starting to think there will never be another major economic crash
*pandemic crash doesn't count

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>So sensitive
Lol too true, I bought a small sum a while ago and the price doubled and immediately got sold back down

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As a European I just wanted a white christmas, but the US takes everything, YET AGAIN. How fucking greedy can you get?

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biz you need to help me. my company is having a retreat abroad to a country that requires the jab. i will get fired for being "anti social" if i dont attend this one. i wont make it if i get fired, but if i get the jab the normies will win.

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My gf of 3 years who lives interstate broke up with me and I found out she’d been seeing a guy for the past 5 weeks.
How can I cope with this bros, what do I do from here? I loved her. I’m lost.

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Probably doing degen pedo shit just like SBF and anyone else really tbqh

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board is full of 2020 fags again

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Is the worst of it over...?

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I was all in on rubic.
That was 2k dol, now it's about $500.
It was pretty much all I had.
Mr Hacker, if you're reading this, can you return the money to the Rubic team?
My life depends on it, many other people bet everything on Rubic, if I was American I could get my money back in 3 months, but I live in the third world, 2k dol in my country is a lot of money.
The rubic team said you can keep 20% of the hacked money, return the money please.
God will bless you if you give it back, Karma is real.

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Feel bad for you man, but you can make it up. I used to have no money at all and close to 0 friends, flashforward today and i have 8 figs and a group of the best friends ever, money does bring the best things in life. The trick? Ill give you a hint, DEXTOOLS

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I unironically don't know how to tie a tie and I'm 26. If I have to go to a wedding or a funeral or whatever, I have to look it up on youtube and it takes me like 40 minutes to get it right.

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Has The Collapse started?

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Just found out my boss isn’t the friend I thought he is and only cares about how much money I make for him.

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I receive my wage in shit money (euro). Where do I put them to lose the least value? Idk what to buy.

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i just wanted to make it bros

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Average person my age (23) on LinkedIn has:

>prestigious junior job title at big company
>500+ connections
>6 internships
>4 research papers
>high-ranking member of 3 professional organizations
>dozens of skills and endorsements
>dozens of certificates
>probably also an MSc degree

How the fuck do I even compete with these people? I only have 2 internships, one extracurricular activity, and an absolute shit-tier GPA (2.5). Am I cursed to be a NEET forever?

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