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this is good advice, every other reply in the thread can be ignored

anon we're at the tail end of a 15-year credit expansion cycle. The government is borrowing $1 for every $3 it spends. Right now is a TERRIBLE time to invest in anything, especially using borrowed funds.

Also, for the love of God, do not buy BCH. Please write down on a piece of paper that you wanted to borrow $10k to buy BCH and then hide the paper somewhere, so a decade from now you can find it and laugh at how silly you were when you were 20, and utter a prayer of gratitude that you didn't follow through.

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mining was never a good investment compared to buying and holding BTC/ETH

but as this anon said >>55122022 mining wasn't even profitable for people like us since 2018

and I say this as someone who used to have a ETH mining rig with 6 1080ti cards running 24/7 in his living room... I know what I'm talking about

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dude this is like the 3rd or 4th day in a row you've posted this, if you're hearing noises that nobody else is hearing, you need to talk to a doctor

we already told you last night that we're not going to believe you unless you upload proof of your apartment shaking

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yeah selling LSD to other dealers was the cleanest profits I ever made in college -- very little work and very little risk -- I would just buy 500 doses at a time for $6 each and sell all of them to dealers for $8 each. Clean profit of $1,000 for virtually no work. The main problem, though, was that people don't want to drop acid more than a few times a year, so the market would saturate very quickly and I'd have to wait a couple of months for demand to come back

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>buy 1,000 sqft home
>damp, moldy, dark, no windows
>bring in two roommates
>explain to roommates that they are now slave girlfriends
>lock the door

good luck anon, see you in the news

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around $300k in stocks, another ~$170k in crypto, and ~$30k in gambling accounts
28 years old
worked in lucrative careers while saving >50% of my income and got lucky with some investments
halfway to a million, my early retirement goal, but still so damn far away
I hate wagecucking

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for every fscomeau and 1R0NYMAN, there is a guy who buys some shitty FD weeklies and strikes it rich.

I remember there was another guy on WSB who turned $500 into $200k with $MU options and then lost a bunch of it again

Great sub. The only part of plebbit that has a peace treaty with 4chan, and specifically with /biz/. Welcome brother, and don't steal our dank memes.

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depends on what career you have in mind.

e.g. you're too old to enlist in the military. You're too old to be an astronaut.

What country do you live in, what education do you have, and how much money have you saved up?

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10% shrimp farms
10% pigeon traps
80% chainlink

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As for SQL, just do all of the lessons and exercises on SQLzoo.net

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For a while I was invested in palladium via Stillwater Mining Company (SWC). They got bought out which netted me a nice profit and I haven't really paid attention to palladium since then. In your opinion, what is the current value proposition for platinum/palladium?

My concern is this: the chief use of palladium is in catalytic converters (a part of gasoline-powered cars that reduces emissions). If most people will be driving electric cars in ~20 years, and if palladium will no longer be in demand for industrial use, why would I want to invest in palladium right now?

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maldito Maduro

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I worked for GS just long enough for it to be a credible amount of time, and then I traded up for a job in San Francisco where I make 60% more money working fewer hours, in a happy workplace full of free food and people around my age.

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El Presidente is making sure that the value of the Petro increases faster than the depreciation of Venezuelan bolivars... so why haven't you bought Petro yet? It's free money, cucks

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