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>But even the tranny baker has no clue, because he diversifies half of his portfolio in ALGO.
It's 5% of my portfolio, you are making things up left and right. ALGO was always part of the plan by the way.

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>eth maxi alert
explains everything kek
>So does every other ETH-killer prospect
XRP isnt an eth killer, there will be an ecosystem, flare and algorand will be huge. please do your research on the internet of value and interoperability.
>tank your eth-killer's credibility
why has XRP pumped multiple times? especially when the rest of the market crashes? the occ, sec, fed, treasury, etc are all in on it. this is all orchestrated.

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This image was driving me insane. Ripple is the only one that is actually ISO 20022 the focus should be on INATBA members. THERE IS ONLY ONE ISO 20022 COIN AND THAT IS XRP. XLM, ALGO, and IOTA are still decent bets since INATBA is back by the EU

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You have an incredibly brainlet take on the current environment. Hopefully you can ape into one more cronje project before regulations hit.

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I would be exactly the same if I didn't believe in memedates haha

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ISO 20022 is the regulatory standards for the coming digital economy. Link and BTC may have a future but I dont think so honestly. Link is made by a russian guy who holds personally the vast majority of tokens plus Ripple got a patent for oracle based smart contract system. IMO Link is a pump n dump.
BTC is held up by China and the black market so it's doomed in my opinion. I could be wrong but XRP has the strongest fundamentals and most bullish news in my opinion.

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XRP will take you out of the poorhouse, but you'll make it with XLM/IOTA/ALGO

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By the way guys, the ISO20022 chart we share was community made by XDC community, so its speculation. It does seem well done. We should stick to official news for confirmation.

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The hummingbird nest could be iso20022 and the four eggs being XRP XLM ALGO and IOTA. Not sure how XDC plays into the bigger picture.

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XRP aside, how do you guys feel about Algo XLM IOTA?

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Good faith or not I won't be providing a wall of text explaining every point. I will, however give you a wall of text explaining how to function on /biz/.
>10 /XSG/ with ~3,000 posts attempting to nail down the very complex problem of transitioning from fiat to a crypto based monetary system.

Go back and read through those 10 threads. Ignore the speculative posts related to Gematria, Baba, Melon, or any of the other "schitzo" part of this general. That stuff only serves to kill time and generate lulz for anyone actually trying to find a solution to this problem.

Get stumped? The archive is your best friend. Search the key words you are having trouble with. Pic related has a ton of word you can search and learn about.
>ISO 20022
>David Schwartz
>Are traps gay
Actually put some work in rather than bumping a thread referencing back to your own comment/question nobody answered for you. That is how you will gain an understanding. Work. Effort. There is no easy road to truth here and we are in unprecedented times. Piles of money to be made and it's not all going to come from the golden XRP goose.

Too lazy to put in the work and gain a true understand of what's going on?

Not my problem.

That said, good luck Anon. And come back if you find something interesting or if you get REALLY stumped.

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but it's on this unsourced thing being widely circulated

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Pick 2

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Yeah just keep an eye out. The big thing coming is Flare.

Read my post here >>22332948

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>What does chainlink has to do with the navy or marine?
>HODL the line Marines!
It's an expression of a tribal dedication to a team rather than logic and tendies.

nice word typing and sequential same numbers Anon
I would bet BSV if anything. That is the spirit of the dream you're talking about I'd say.
Bitcoin is a store of wealth for HODLnormies that are way out of the loop as far as I'm concerned.
Still stores wealth and every crypto tracks with it, but see

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You can pick an assortment of these (Yes, including Link barring Flare flip) and be just fine.

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We've all read the schizos. What's your take?

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