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>these post
Holy shit something bad really is going to happen, isn't it?

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Maybe the Bobos are right.

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s-spooky thread

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checked wtf

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> "A killing bolt will shine in the night but will not kill."

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the daily stochastic rsi is at 100

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...to the toilet, just in time!

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the farter of /biz/

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This guy!! It always dumps after he posts!

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see this, peepeepoopoo post just a few digits before: >>51333332

absolutely bizarre -- that means you were both thinking of peepeepoopoo at the same time

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Are you the same warner who made the "MASSIVE WARNING" thread, this one: >>51104323 just a few hours before it dumped from ~21500 ?????

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it's all going to zero

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I'm scared. What did you do? Were you responsible for the freeze up?

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How can she bathe if she can't even stand?

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I expected the dumpening, the boggening, and perhaps even the happening. But not the mookening.

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i-is op right about this?!?

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What the fuck is up with that frog? what the fuck

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Remember these two? Both were made in the previous current year.

The first "prediction" said that everything would crash at the same time. While 99.99% of anons were saying crypto would absolutely go up due to inflation and would go up if the stock market / S&P crashed (and the only way crypto could crash would be if the stock market didn't and inflation got lower), that anon was saying specifically that crypto AND stocks would would crash at the same time together, and I think he also said metals wouldn't really pump despite this, just as we've seen. And then it all happened. He was only wrong about when it would happen. I remember he said it would occur at what's now the end the previous current year. But then again the BTC top was in November of the previous current year, and then the Bogs died and the S&P began dumping...

The other "prediction" was an anon saying that something was going to happen that would shock both Bobos and Mumus. I don't remember the rest. I just remember that part. And it when BTC was dumping so violently a few days ago and people were saying it's heading to 3k or lower I thought about that. What if what he meant was that the BTC price would go far lower than even the Bobos could seriously expect?

Kind of spooky stuff. Seems like both of them actually knew something.

Since wakarimasen is dead it's not possible to search for them. Pretty sure both predictions were made after wakarimasen began archiving instead of warosu, so I don't think they're on warosu. But they should be on archived.moe but archived.moe isn't searchable -- but you can enter post numbers there and go to posts that way. So does anyone have the OP post numbers for those threads?

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