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Oh, you're trolling. Stop it.

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Arties keeps having more and more collabs but they can’t have a website for some reason? Their priorities are certainly fucked up if they are not taking their time to give a proper explanation of what the fuck they are trying to do here lol.

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>some poorfag cries rent is too expensive, landlords bad
>offer a much cheaper alternative that allows saving for a down payment
>some faggot butts in to brag about owning multiple houses

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"common sense" is one of the single most brain damaged terms that leftists such as yourself use. it is predicated on a universal morality and solely objective ontology, which is a brutal position to attempt to defend. it's common sense that you should blow a hole through your fucking skull with a .45

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>implying red state aren't the biggest leaches of tax revenue

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>6 WEEK lockdown
>200 cases

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>75% is the same as 97%
At least this guy tried to give a decent reason

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>Bought at .36 cents
>Sold at 1.70
>Only 2.5x
That mixed with buzzword shilling throwing out discord tranny. This organized fud is delicious. About to renter with a double stack this time.

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I'm trying to state that the way the textbooks talk about this coming crash is going to be similar to how they explain the 1929 crash. Keep up. What hope am I expressing here? We're all staring down the barrel of a bubble that should have popped a decade ago.

Or are you just lashing out because you don't want to believe bad things happen?

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>misspelling misspell

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Anon, I don't know how to break it to you, but people can lie.
It's true, I'm not actually a 3'2 leprechaun that hates niggers and jews
I'm actually a regular guy that hates niggers and jews.

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>Also good time to buy

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That might just be retarded enough to work. Or not because you’re retarded. But the logic is there... are you actually retarded or are you pretending to be retarded?

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> can't deposit dollars there

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>calls anon an attention whore
>reddit spacing out the ass
>edgy pic for no reason

really activates the almonds

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I refuse to believe anyone can be this retarded

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He risked his money on the line. I don't see you complaining when board directors who attend 2 hour meetings biweekly and do nothing else but play golf or hole up in brothels the rest of the time pay less taxes than you. You and your logic are what enables this unfairness
T. Uncle is old money Jew and he unironically does this things

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>not using Bloattrex
never going to make desu

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Everything you just said is wrong.

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He's not wrong though. You clearly have no argument against his point.

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>Cause who the fuck cares
you do, otherwise you wouldn't come to this thread just to complain about it

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