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Can’t get much worse...r-right?

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W-where did you get those talmuds

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what happens if i go to sleep

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CCIV pumping like hell bros

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How long can this SNDL pump last bros? I don’t wanna get left bag holding but I’ve almost regained my amc losses kek

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I’m making tons of money off weed stocks I’m scared robinhood and other brokerages will do their dirty tricks like they did with amc and GME tomorrow... remember all that madness started on a Thursday...

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We holding week stocks over night?

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What weed stocks do I buy?

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Too late to get in on VGAC? They announced merger with 23&me yesterday

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Maybe I should change my limit sell order from 20 to 18

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Lost my W2 from my job and I don’t even know how to do taxes from stock and crypto gains. I made 30k from job 40k from stocks and about 7k in crypto. What do?

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Biden literally just needs to come out and say "it's cool bro" and investors will relax. I-i-it's going to be cool... r-r-right bro?

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Do I buy gold with my bitcoin gains or wait for the chinks to wake up and pump it

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How do you keep yourself and your fortune safe? I've already accumulated a small fortune, nothing that life changing, but it's already making me nervous. How do you keep everything secure? I've personally made multiple different backups that are heavily encrypted, and I'm always carrying a gun on me now. A small sig p365xl whenever I'm out in public, and I keep a CZ75 on my nightstand. I'm snapping awake in the middle of the night from the smallest noises because I'm that paranoid. I feel like I'm doing something illegal when I seal a USB drive in an airtight bag and put it in a hole in my floorboard. Is this what it feels like to be crypto rich? I think I need to get a camera system, motion sensing lights, and couple blast proof doors to seperate myself from the outside, then I'll be safe.

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What if the dashboard doesn't lead to a pump?

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Oldfags are getting desperate. bullish

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glad you re ok fren

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I’m starting to get nervous bros

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Why is Chainlink dumping so hard right now

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How long can they keep this going? When should I sell?

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Please explain the "you need +2m to retire" meme to me.

500k invested with 5% returns gives you 25k passive income per year or 2k per month. That's enough to live a modest comfy life in the west, or a well-off lifestyle in a cheaper country like in SEA.

>A single person monthly costs: 671.15$ (20,843.84฿) without rent. Rent Per Month Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre: 675.68 $ Outside of Centre: 336.36 $

I'm autistically frugal and I'd be perfectly fine with this. Also have zero desire to take care of a family. Just want freedom from wageslavery and no stress.

Why would you need more? Protection against inflation and rising costs of living? How to get a guaranteed safe 5% return?

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I want to buy this but coinbase put a hold on sending my eth till 4 days from now.

Will I make it in time?

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