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ITT we wait for the biggest faggot on /biz/ to come cry about double spending while the rest of us laugh

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so sick of this faggot crabby piece of shit coin

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Just paid $50 USD for a failed transaction. Ask me anything.

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I was just alerted to a brain dead bimbo who is the lead face of Uniswap. She’s a complete SJW vapid retard, and I feel sorry for any dirtball who supports or holds UNI

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what do i buy

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Complete jew coin
Absolutely a piece of SHIT

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Never heard of PLTR until today, but I started buying it @ $29 due to the wojacking in here and have lots of room to average down. We shall see.

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This is hands down the worst crypto right now

Absolute piece of rat shit

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What happens if the site disappears and all of your funds are locked up in either their staking, or liquidity pools?

I keep hearing conflicting info. Some say that the contract can still be interacted with without a website. But nobody has claimed that it can save you from a rugpull

What’s the actual story here with these PancakeSwap clones?

Are you safe in their pools if they disappear tomorrow?

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This thing has been badly hurt and doesn’t look to be recovering
Can someone please pump this to $550 so I can exit
Thanks bros

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Scam. 100% confirmed, on Twitter.

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OP is a kike
hold the line

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>Also monogamy is so OUTDATED

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so xrp will have a market cap of $700trillion or something. that coin is an absolute pile of steaming shit, i hate everything it stands for but i still got fomo'd into it in the 2017 bubble. thankfully i dumped it before i got completely rekt but never again

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