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Me, but I got a couple of Retardio bags last month and I feel fucking retarded, my status might change later

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Where are my fellow Viniggers? Seriously? No Vinu followers at all? Only me?
okay then...
i'm so lonely, man

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Same here nigga, i just sold everything yesterday before it happened, but now i'm worried, i could buy now that is low BUT it could theoretically go lower
For now i'll keep my shit on USDT and use dextools for other trades that don't include large coins just in case

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>still watching moe shit
>favorite videogame is "No More Heroes"
>i actually dress like Travis Touchdown
>on biz only to get financial advice
>have around $100k on SPX
>a fucking weeaboo moe coin

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Does anybody remember matrixlabs?

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There was no need

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I'm pretty new at this, never bought crypto in my life, all my savings are behind my pillow
I'm interested on buying some, since it's the future and all, yadda yadda
But I'm pretty afraid of being scammed, can you give me some tips, bizbros?

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>what is the biggest regret of your life?
to have been born

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