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You call you're self a scientist yet you write off nearly half the population as "below you?" As a natural sciences major looking to move into arctic geophysics this is just objectively wrong.

There is no biological evidence suggesting women are any less intelligent than men. They have objectively demonstrated again and again they are capable of doing the same jobs.

(moving into opinion land here. I like philosophy too.)

I don't know what hyper-traditionalist crack you're smoking--well I do, look at what site we're on--but I suggest you quite cold turkey. Not only will your worldview only lead to self-deprecation, but you will continually be shunned from society and the sciences as the last gasps of nationalism die.

This isn't a glorious return to the values of old, those worldviews breath their last gasps of air.

Many many years ago humans realized they could accomplish more by uniting into tribes than by infighting among themselves.

Those tribes then realized they could federate into states for much the same reasons.

Modern states are now slowly learning that same lesson. You are a relic, a walking corpse. Many on this board are too.

The future is one without gender, race or creed. Humankind will unite and conquer the stars, if we encounter no one else along the way we will be the precursor race. This isn't to say culture will die. No, in the absence of the cultures we know today each individual will become sovereign, free to define themselves as they please. Free to express themselves artistically, scientifically and spiritually without the chains of contemporary oppression.

That's not a threat to you, it's advice. Embrace your fellow men, do not shun them. The march of history will continue whether this little postmodernist stint with identity politics wants it to or not. Neither I, nor yourself, or anyone else can stop that. The universe is deterministic in nature, and human society is bound by sociocultural laws of motion.

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>he posts on an anime forum for weeaboos
>he has no friends
>scared of women
>is a contrarian
>will die alone

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>he hates women because they reject him

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>i really don't understand normies and their 'activities'
>i am just misunderstood
>i never had a girlfriend
>i spend over an hour a day on a anime message board collecting frog photos
>i play video games
>i think normies are boring people deep down

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Think normies are boring? You are the one spending 2-3 hours a day on an anime forum buying and trading fake money and complaining about your shit lives.

You are the NPC, the irony has me loling, best meme for that reason alone.

Normies win again (btw Nano soaring once again, the normie coin. Hows LINK? Oh? 26 cents lol)

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I love donating and subscribing to my favorite streamers every month. I finally hit 200 subs. (people I'm subscribed to, not people subscribing to me). At $2500 income per month, it leaves enough for rent and groceries, plus other bills. I am hoping I can get a raise next year, or enter a higher paying job so that I can continue on the road to 1000 subs.

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