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What do you mean?
I have had sex.

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Hey fellas I heard you are all stuck in "six figure hell" yeah me too don't ya know it my 80/20 stock/bond portfolio is down like 20%, I was over a mil but now I'm back in "six figure hell" with you kids haha oh well easy come easy go not like it's the first time this happened

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invest in yourself, loser

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Hey there sport! Did you sell your buttcoins yet? Why do you keep tellin' us you're a millionaire if you can't buy anything with 'em? It's not too late for you to go to college, you know your mother and I won't be around forever and you can't just keep flippin' burgers!

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stop posting memes online and take out the trash
I let you live here because your mother would be upset if we kicked you out the least you could do is your chores

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this is a peasant's outlook on higher education

decent people who are destined to be well off realize that the point beyond acquiring skills and qualifications is to become a learned person in general

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>got a full ride scholarship
>worked every summer, saved money
>graduated making $70k/yr
>maxed out every tax advantaged account, no crypto trash, just standard boglehead discipline
>moved back in with parents, continued to invest, lived on ~$300/month
>never, ever, ever spoke to a roastie

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>poor people seethe at rich person

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memorial day, neckbeard

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thanks for the reminder anon, I needed it

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>Volatility is a stupid measure of risk.
then what is a superior measure, please do tell

just a 26 year old boomer
3 fund portfolio hit $300k last month because I didn't pretend like my crystal ball was better than anyone else's

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you're right, renting is stupid

that's why I make $89,000 per year and live with my parents

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Tons of us here

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Made it.

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A job affords you shelter, an abundance of food, warmth, health, and information
If it doesn't allow for that it isn't a job, it's wage slavery

a "career" is what affords the interest on your mcmansion's jumbo mortgage, car payments on the minivan and F350, credit card payments for your cunt of a wife, student loan payments for the both of you, your dipshit kids' private schooling and health insurance, the dozen premium subscription services you have, the domestic and international trips to places you gain nothing from going to, and a steady line of useless electronic garbage
you avoid that shit and you don't need a career

I say this all as an engineer making $86k
this is a job, I'm there for the paycheck and if I don't like it I'll leave
I don't give a fuck about my """career development"""

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yes that is pretty stupid, they could have chosen to either have no children and spend down their retirement savings or to have a kid or two, take what they need, and leave the rest to them

instead they chose to shit out four kids and leave them nothing, and they were likely shit parents too

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You have to spend decades walking the line between a modest life and lowering your quality of life, and you will constantly question yourself where you fall. In all likelihood you will have to actively shun most consumerist attitudes, which DOES have an impact on the attitudes towards you from everyone around you, and you will have to deal with it. It's a life without status symbols and surprisingly it starts to bite. The biggest of all which is commonly discussed on FIRE forums is partner selection and the decision to be childfree.

Yes, there may be a unicorn out there, some interesting woman with a large income like yourself who is not interested in having kids, or perhaps only wants one. Fat chance. Reality is roasties and their brood are a cancer that will obliterate any chance you have of achieving financial independence because you live in a society that depends upon you manning up and providing, and working yourself to the bone until you die. Ironically the value of the stocks we depend on for an early retirement will only go up in value if every other good goyim continues in this cycle while we reap the rewards. So like I said stop advertising it.

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the initial steps OP described are valuable, not necessarily college, but once you finish high school you need to specialize, get skills, and become a learned, multi-faceted individual, and the likelihood of you doing that entirely on your own is next to nil

the remainder of that post is typical hedonic mill bullshit
it's no great secret that women and children are a one way ticket to a suburban hell where the cycle of mediocrity and consumerism only end on your deathbed, and no one ever seems to dispute that

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yeeep sure is great having been a nocoiner throughout all this hooplah, gonna do a little tax loss harvesting to offset the dividend distributions then do my own taxes on paper

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>have large line of unsecured credit that you can use unconditionally on anything that won't accrue any interest for two entire months and can be paid instantaneously
>offers inherent fraud protection because charges on stolen credit data can simply be disputed and the money was never yours in the first place
>offers online tools to analyze your spending and compare to your budget unlike your shitty bank's debit card

so yeah, like I said I changed my mind as soon as I realized everything I was buying was more expensive and that I was using my own money for it instead of someone else's

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100% stocks
I keep the bonds in the IRA ;)

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