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What went wrong broses?

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this one?

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they get cucked by V since forever, i think linkies are just into it.

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ROSE just looks like those old 2017 coins that never realise their potential because theyre just honestly not that great and became dated over the years while bagholders and shcizos claim its gonna pump this time this is it!!!! But it never does

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it's just vitaliks gf, no idea why everyone thinks that she has a clue about crypto.

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>for building most important network of our times

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> It is the year 2025. Frustrated with the existing options, a group has decided to make a new ETH/USD price oracle
absolutely brutal, he couldn't have been more obvious about LINK. as a validator i stand ready to offer actually secure oracle data for a reasonable price. thanks vitalik.

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he is shilling btc so that maxis think he is one of them. everything serg does is intended to be accepted in the inner circle of crypto OGs, yet everyone keeps cock blocking him.

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poor linkies never had a chance.

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json format requires boolean values to be capitalized

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it was never about oracles, the desire to be part of vitaliks inner circle has always been sergs only goal.

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>since ETH stakers are getting rugged
keep dreaming linkboi, how's your "proof of reserve" meme going?

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sergey bent the knee again

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I think it would have a positive impact on price in the form of increasing network adoption due to its efficiency and security, however this would be negatively offset by the fact that super-linear staking reduces the required collateral to achieve equivalent security.

From another thread:
>If Chainlink had to be worth trillions to secure quadrillion dollar markets, it would be worth zero. Linear staking at Chainlink's future scale is quite simply impossible, and SLS makes the whole thing possible instead of a pipe dream. It's still going to high 5 figures per LINK so who gives a shit.
>It's still going to high 5 figures per LINK so who gives a shit.

^Can this anon be right?

In short: SL staking ^2's the network security, and ^0.5s the required collateral. Did Ari Juels fuck us over with this groundbreaking implementation?

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sergey always tried to be part of vitaliks inner circle, it's cringe af. he would never go into a serious argument with him.

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Why doesn't he cash out?

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We are all gonna make it brah

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I'm placing my future in the hands of TWO Russian scammers thank you very much

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Look at this Alpha Male

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Are they comparable?

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