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>discrimination is knowledge

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When it comes at the expense of normal Americans, yes, it is bad. Dumb braindead /pol/tard. How about you go back and stay where you belong.

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Yes USSR, NK, China had unparalleled levels of immigration. Dumb cocksucker.

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>The only way to avoid the famines communists love to cause is to build redundancy into the food production system.
And no better way to build redundancy in food than by having a massacre of tens of thousands of chickens. It's for the markets.

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>t. MD from University of /pol/

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>The people who own these Capitalist media companies are Marxists
We've been getting a huge influx of /pol/yps this last hour

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>its da joos fault im not successful
society doesnt demand anything you dumb nazi. make your own buisness and stop blaming the jews for all your problems and acknowledge you suck at life

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>nazi blames everything on the joos
you guys lost in ww2 and if you will lose again

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“its the joos fault im not rich”

do you ever hear yourself speak OP? stop blaming others for your failures, nazi

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>humans invented
>days are literally 24 hrs because of the speed the earth rotates at
imagine being this big of a /pol/ brainlet

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