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I bizzed myself...

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I showed my little sister my link and she was disgusted.

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I have recently moved most of my funds to kikebase because I just cant take the risk with Binance lately..
I loved Binance Earn
I loved the high APYs on all the coins
I loved the vast amounts of coins you could buy
I loved the Futures
I loved the API
I loved everything

now, looking at kikebase and their shitty reward system, shitty futures, shitty everything, I feel depressed.

Big F for CZ, the people's hero

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shut up. Shut Up. SHUT UP.
its over for me

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I just want it to go to 0 so that this particular retardation ends and there's one less useless general on my home board. Is that so much to ask?

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no not yet anon
I just need... more time...

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I as a neet for 10 years and now have girlfriend ror 8 years. Magically i got one once i got a job and some money. Ahe is older than me by 5 years and was almost 30 when we met. Had 6 dicks prior and had no food at her place or brushed her teeth, lao smoked weed 24/7.
I had to teach her everything. From basic hygiene to how to get better jobs to how to talk to her parents. We know have a a baby and unfortunately I thought we were gonna be together forever but during the pregnancy she turned into a galactic size bitch and rode me like a donkey so hard i almost caved in. I powered through and did everything right through the birth and recovery. However a few weeks in with the baby she wqs complaining one night that i was helping too much and she was jealous i could hold the baby for long periods of time on my belly while she couldn’t because of the surfery scar.

Something snapped in me. Ive been cooking for her, i bought us a house with crypro money and a car. I havent asked for a cup of coffee the last 9 months. Took so many trips to make her feel better. She acted like the ungrateful white bratty piece of trash all white women seem to be deep inside. Anyways I snapped and moved to the other side of the house. We are all business now, separate everything and finances. We agreed to be coparents and try to repair for now but I know in my heart it’s over. Im looking at ways to liv cheaply with a roomate.

I read everything in the manosphere. Many people warned me that fixing a broken one was not possibl and that i would get trapped. Well it fucking happened to me. I almost cry myself to sleep at how i let this happen to me.

The first few years were good though.

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im gonna be priced out of gold pretty soon if it keeps pumping

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When the FUCK is it crashing? I want my cheapies and AAPL at 151 isn't cheapies damn it. I'm going to need 120 at the VERY LEAST.

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>jeet avatarposting thread
xrp is now officially a shitcoin

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How can I profit from fuck housetute?

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don't give me that kind of hope anon, btw is the burn still ramping up or is it a steady rate?

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I miss the early to mid 2000s like you wouldn't believe bros. Back before every roastie and boomer knew how to find an online soapbox to spread their shit opinions. Back when a fucking badger and mushroom or a fat kid with a light saber were small sensations. Back before all online content became moderated by kikes to use as propaganda. I would BLAM some piece of shit on Newgrounds and watch /b/ prank habbo hotel and finish off the day playing smack the penguin on AlbinoBlackSheep. So much simpler back then.

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oof ruined it
>life is unfaaaaair

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Bros is there ANY chance the market dumps before Friday? I borrowed 20 grand from the Chinese mafia and they're legit going to harvest my fucking organs if I don't pay them back in time. I can't take any more of this fake pumping, SOMEBODY JEWS ANYBODY please just fucking dump this shit!!!

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what's wrong with the sentence anon

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Pepe coin...

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I bought pepe coin with my life savings

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>tfw when i'm shorter and weigh more than a charizard.

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without /biz/ I would probably be dead by now because of kms myself. I am a not good at anything neet and am literally the richest guy in my family history now thanks to /biz/ relentlessly shilling link 3 years ago. You saved my life /biz/

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>11:00 AM

T-the morning dip is over, r-right guys?

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