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>> 29625580
>Post pics of your imaginary whore
Pic related.

>Because she seems like she's going to do some crazy bullish when you do end it.
Ya, well I’ll figure that part out when I get to it.
I think I’m just going to be prepared to lose literally everything that I leave in the apartment when I do, or just move all her shit out, or something.
>I mean I like hearing about this train wreck
Well that’s all that fucking matters here, t b h

>His girl probably looks like she could take him.
Kek. She can.

That’s just what several chicks say they’ve tried before they end up on SA

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>Wasn't she incredibly unstable?
I’m pretty sure she has borderline.
I just got back from vacation with her in LA, and on Saturday she literally got so mad she started punching herself in the head so hard that she bruised her wrists

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>what even is the best place to meet chicks and how much do i need to soend monthly for a sugar baby?
You pay per meet.
$500 per meet for a scrawny college girl
$300 for a mid to late 20s chick
>should i go to church or a strip club?
Hahaha fuck churches, man.
Those girls are just as slutty as strippers.
Just dick down some strippers and then go for the church girls too when you get sick of sex.

>pic related is my stripper gf

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And it will stay that way, nigger.

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>hope the stripper gf is alright
The 1-2 day spree of absolutely crying her fuck eyes out all day long ended with another one-sided argument last night.
And then, a classic return to normalcy this morning.
I decided to try my strategy of “just walk the fuck out” last night when she got mad and seemed pretty successful.
She’s off getting her nails done rn.
Did I mention before that this chick was a cheerleader in HS?

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I’m a nigger.
The Jews did this to me.
My stripper gf is superior.

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First for stripper gf

> P O O
> L O O

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I like my stripper gf

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I love my stripper gf, mane...

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Fine. Real pic of my stripper gf. Fuck you niggermonkeys.

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