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That's a preferable alternative. I use TrustWallet without any issues so far. Also, I'm exploring account abstraction wallets like Ambire, Brillion, and Send. Exploring new narratives is not a bad idea.

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Suppression and market manipulation lmao, the elites don't want my pond to pump

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>A literal kek of a man
>Not a trustable face
You niggers really like this man more than Miguel? Yes yes, Arkham CEO kek

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Just LINK, anon? You're freaking weak. Meanwhile, I have
$600 in LINK
$500 in ETH
$600 in MATIC
$700 in XTP,
and $600 in LIT. I don't wanna go all in, so you know what I'm doing — diversifying. I can't afford big bags.

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Not all DAO-related projects have been smooth sailing. There have been instances where even well-known platforms like Arbitrum and Uniswap faced challenges in managing their decentralized autonomous organizations. And let's not forget about those pesky whales who seem to have an oversized influence in some cases.

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Building a sick portfolio and becoming a millionaire is totally within reach, even for us small-time investors. Start small, but dream big, OP. My bags are filled with HBAR, ZIL, REEF, MNI, SAND, and ATOM. I ain't selling any of these gems until they bring me some serious ROI. We're in it for the long haul.

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I live in a low-cost country, I'd buy a house in a quiet and peaceful town, I'd start farming and I'd put 25% of it into something that gives me some good income for the rest of my life, also I'd use rebase just for fun

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is there really an AI living on the bitcoin blockchain

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is bigcoin congo up?

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Hello frena how do I speak to women

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