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People are getting tired of chainlinks constant bullshit, advocate shills are getting more blatantly disconnected from the general sentiment.
Uneasiness is in the air, probably due to the combination of chainlink underperforming and us about to begin a new year / new bullrun.
I think many anons are genuinely conflicted on link, terrified with flashbacks of 2021. Will link cause us to miss another bullrun?

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Thats not reasonable at all, you'll be waiting a long time for that, multiple decades at best.
Whats more likely is $100. A 100k stack will have 10m, 8m after taxes. A solid amount which anyone can retire with. A 10k stack will only have $1M at $100, 800k after taxes, hence you'll be able to buy a house and you'll be happy enough to not feel like commiting suicide, but this is not even close to "making it" after buying the house you'll have a couple hundred K, you'll have to work or live extremely frugally. This is not making it you couldnt even buy a lambo if you wanted.
Tech workers can make that amount in salary in just a few years.
10k was always the suicide stack, link was 0.15 thats dirt cheap.

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Yikes Imagine being 30 years old and still frenposting

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wrong board but i'll take the bait. That's not the problem. The problem is forcing diversity at the cost of creativity and quality just to appease institutional investors and media who will gaslight everyone saying the diversity enhances the value. Despite everyone knowing it's false. That's the problem

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I think 99% of women can't create true novel, but 95% of men can't either. So it seems like men are 5x more creative but that's cause we ignore everyone else

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How will the economic decline of the US Dollar affect crypto?

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Enormous dump incoming. The relief we usually get after a dump was laughable there is no buy pressure SELL YOUR CRYPTO WE ARE GOING DOWN.

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Pure logic:
Axiom 1: the token is needed
Axiom 2: the usage of the network has only been growing with more partnerships and integrations

If you accept both of these axioms, then you must also accept that the price should be growing, because there is an increase in usage and demand for the token which is needed to recieve services.
What we know for sure:
The price has not gone up despite the growing usage
Axiom 2 can be proven by chainlinks own statistics and graphs directly.
Which can only leave us to conclude that axiom 1 is the problem.
Axiom 1: the token is needed - Must be incorrect

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No fucking way is this real?? Thats brutal af. Im thankful to have sold my link in 2021, couldnt imagine how I would be feeling if I was still bagholding years later with this price action

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Doesnt it count as a sell when you stake? Also do you owe tax whenever link gets distributed to your "balance" or does it only count once youre able to unstake.
Cause are you technically recieving anything if you cant even sell it means its not in your possession..?

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why are you single out a race/religon how about you single out the individual. your anti-semetic - The goyim will say as jews rape them dry

I have realize the Talmudic law that goyim arnt human and it is not immoral to lie/cheat/steal from them is based and true

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You sound completely and utterly assblasted. I hope you find inner peace, honestly. It can't be good for your heart to get this worked up towards strangers on a mongolian basket weaving forum.

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I am all in on a short position

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What's the matter, frog? Markets got you down?

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