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2300 ETH
1200 VIDT
13000 FTM
25 LTC
0.15 BTC
300 BAT

Am I gonna make it?

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IF you are building a smart contract and need swift messaging, docusign signatures, or other enterprise level items, the only way to get will be using chainlink oracles

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Funny thing you retards did not realized that in the first place hhahahah

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I was at a very high end tech school during the 2013 Bitcoin bubble: I remember it vividly. A lot of my friends were mining and buying, ffs I even met vitalik during the 2013 bubble before he wrote the eth white paper. I thought there was no way any of this would amount to anything or a meaningful advantage because, like many of you now, I thought that no way this trend could continue. Banks and government's and legacy financial system s wouldn't allow it. Even if they did the hedge funds with millions of autistic genius programmers would Be able to outcode them or get them first.

Then 2017 happened. And I watched once again in complete disbelief as a bunch of random autistic basement dwelling neets became wealthier than 40 year old hedge fund MIT grads. And now I see why. It's because the component of human nature and masculinity, that inherent risk seeking intellectual violence we crave as humans has been completely squashed out of all these autistic machine learning fancy hedge funds, out of all these coding jobs, our of everything except the fringe. They aren't taking any real risk. The entire financial system from the ground up is designed to be rent seeking and safe, and crypto is going to be the suppressed geyser that explodes in everyone's face, that drags the old paradigm kicking and screaming out of it's safe space and kills it.

Make no mistake, 4chan has and will continue to out perform many if not virtually all crypto fund managers with it's picks. What has happened is only the beginning. And if you look past your own self deprecation and years of Incel bitterness you'll see why. Anyways I'm all in LINK and silver, both of which /biz/ shills to no end, both of which will make me richer than wagecucking in any modern coding or trading job ever could have in 40 years.

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>Each of these middle-layer protocols captures the value of the staking, commission, and other protocol usage fees, in the same way that blockchain layer protocols capture value (for example, the computational power provided by Ethereum). The economy created by that incentivized, differentiated middle-layer protocol stands to be much larger than the economy created by the more commoditized, computation-driven blockchain protocol layer. In fact, I predict that a few of these protocols tied to larger application categories like commerce and social networking will create decentralized local economies that are more than $100 trillion in size, with the tokens in those few protocols capturing massive value much bigger than any blockchain layer token, including the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

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Yeah it's different, Chainlink is one of the best performers of 2018. Only one of the alts that always kept 20% of the threads of this boards (for years). It got interests of multinationals, technology firms and innovators. There are people spending hours a day investigating all the dots and are still invested (if not even more).

You will call this a scam, because you actually let yourself being influenced by the loads of shitty meme's and yokes which where all made solely with the intention of making sure no NPC was buying in the begin fase of this project.

Everyone filled his bag, every week new news get out. It's only getting better and better.

You will call us lucky, just like when Ethereum/Nano/Neo did a x100. You will hate yourself in a few years from now for missing this.

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haha dude chainlink bought towncrier.
>towncrier = chainlink
>chainlink = towncrier
microsoft is in, are you?

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thanks based tipanon

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Dont believe the fudders who say 500k link isnt enough lmfao the rule of thumbs has always been 10,000 to make it and 1,000 as suicide insurance. Of course this all depends on the lifestyle you want to live but thats the baseline.

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you will have to excuse the nolinker as they truly are the brainlets of biz. hey thank you for telling us what is already publically available to read in the white paper.

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yes, welcome, the thing is right now link is in the middle of marketing and can drop a big announcement bomb at any given moment so do what you will. Im tutoranon let me know if you got questions about how link works or the memes that have been fooling everyone on the internet

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Insider here ill have some juicy info for you guys in 1 hour

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The final nail in the coffin is when Chainlink announces the SWIFT partnership AND moving their token to the BitcoinSV chain at the same conference.

Craig doesn't want oracles in the native protocol for legal reasons. Oracle duty for smartcontracts will need to be performed by a legal third party who assumes risk and profit by delivering data to public ledgers. Sound like anything to you?

This "partnership" will crash every single other coin/token and crown BSV/LINK as the backbone a new age. ETH will be locked up by a furious group of now-broke "investors" ironically playing crypto-kitties.

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i just want to get out of debt i am but a link particle

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Oh sweet summer Rebecca,


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Who here /not_gona_makeit
Crypto is over
I will be poor forever

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selling is punishable by suicide. go grease the rope.

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