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I always pee when I poop but rarely poop when I pee. I also have seven figures in the Chainlink token.

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Chainlink Labs announcing a new feature. Introducing: the Doublening. Similar to the BItcoin halvening event halving token emissions, Chainlink is now algorithmically programmed so Sergey will double in size every 4 years. It is estimated that by 2054 he will weigh roughly 1.3 ton. The more Sergey keeps growing, the more he must be fed by unlocking more tokens on the kekold baggies.

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i got allo f them from biz i think

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Awful lot of bulgarians noticeably shaken and outspokenly worried about my financial well being these last few days, nexo hq must be on high alert, well guess what? I literally cannot physically contractually sell anymore, even if I wanted to, the decision is out of my hands! Be sure to let your boss now, he must be fuming!

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Remember when they moved into 50 California Street?

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I was at the fireside chat this week. At one point Tom called Sergey a sandwich fucker. He even accused Sergey of eating the sandwiches after busting loads into them. There was an intense bit of silence while Sergey glared. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead immediately, and his face was flush. He forced a chuckle into the microphone. Then he walked off stage and just out of the room where there was a magazine rack. He was still in full view of everyone through a window. He starts taking these magazines, two and three at a time, and just tearing them to shreds. Sometimes he would pick one up, and try to twist and tear the whole thing at once, but fail, so then he would start ripping out individual pages. He was facing away from everyone, so we couldn't see his facial expressions. This went on for two minutes at least. At this point I thought he was totally screwed, and that he had just ruined the reputation of chainlink in one fell swoop. However, he turned around and walked back into the room. He looked completely rejuvinated and full of vigor again. He proceeded to completely btfo Tom in every way, acting as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Afterwards, he even did a little q&a session after Tom left due to being frustrated from the btfo. Janitorial services were picking up the mess of shredded magazines at this point, and the only acknowledgement Sergey ever made to the mess was when one of the older janitors fell over while leaning to pick up the pieces. He sort of covered his hand with his mouth, clearly holding back laughter. It was bizarre, but with genius comes inevitable personality quirks.

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Chainlink is unequivocally Too Big To Fail at this point.

Sergey will keep consuming the lifeforce of every single blockchain project, competitor, cutting edge academic research, and legacy enterprises he can put his fingers on until he finally fulfills his childhood dreams of turning into a Real Life Kaiju. His Atomic Burger Breath attack with destroy the old world and usher in the great reset and the few survivors will live on and build the new citadel cities within his ever-expanding belly. This new elite will be tasked with keeping him well fed, and he in turn, a merciful God, will keep us warm and happy. A win-win situation.

SWIFT will be announced any day now.

Buying LINK at these prices is like buying eth at 10 dollars.

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this isn't what you're looking for, but it's kinda related
i might have it; still looking

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This thread has been hijacked by based flannel man.

You have been visited by Sergey "The Oracle" Nazarov. 1000$ link and good fortune will come to you only if you post "THANK YOU BASED FLANNEL MAN" in this thread.

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188 meters

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If either of you goobers bothered reading any esoteric or Jung and have heard of the phrase synchronicity you would realize that what you are seeing is insanely bullish and a wink from the universe that we are going to make it. At the gym yesterday I saw a girl in plaid leggings in damn near the exact same color as Sergey’s Minus the blue. Never seen a pair of those in my life and that was like a week after accumulating a 2k stack. Strap on your moon boots boys, the world is looking bright for us all.

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It could go lower, but everyone knows that it's going to $1,000, so just go all-in.

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>3 BTC
>17 ETH
>2.6k Link
>50 Neo
>800 ICX (I got gook’d I know)
With another 15-25k fiat to DCA into the market over the next 3 months. Today I sent the completely wrong report to some manager that my boss was CC’d on and she got salty and I just didn’t care at all and had to try not to laugh at them.
You think it will be that long to the peak of this bull run? I was thinking another year and a half tops.

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Pls be fake, women on /biz/ is one the biggest sell signals. I’m not ready to sell my Linkies and only make a 3k profit. You idiots need to stop letting normies know until closer to the bullrun.

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how much longer can ((they)) keep it down? starting to get nervous frens

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You got it all wrong anon. I'll reveal the whole coffee price connection in about 30 minutes, but I'll make a new thread. It all makes sense once you see it.

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There's no such thing as "deserve".

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