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Newfag here why have people used different wallets on Uniswap? Why is it better than using just 1 wallet?

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I don't mind tipping because 20% of my bill is worth submitting my order to the kitchen, bringing it to my table, refilling my water, and cleaning up after I leave.
If you're such a fucking tightwad poorfag you can't tip for good service you should probably stick to mayo sandwiches and diet pepsi from the fridge at your mom's house.

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Oh look, more fud.
In reality the opposite is true. We'll see pullback up to 65% by the end of next week, expect the hits to start coming when the market opens tomorrow. Reap the dip and carry on.

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Without specifity to Chainlink, smart contract technology will unequivocally transform international commerce.
Hope you're not majoring in enterprise resource planning or supply chain management or global business. In 2029, you may as well have gotten your education fifty years ago.
I can think of ten clients off the top of my head my firm could sell on 5-10 smart contracts each. This technology is worth trillions and don't fucking dare think I'm bullshitting you.

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