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z based

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we'll pray for your dad. fren.
dont worry

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1. zcash to make new ath
2. son to grow up to beover 6 foot 1 inches.

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We've been flailing around in this market trying to figure out what to do. But in the end, the real bottom was zero the whole time.

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Love ya bro. Take care of yourself

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My dad is on his last breaths right now and will likely pass on today or early tomorrow morning. If you could say one final prayer for his soul I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again to all frens that sent prayers in the last two threads. God bless you all. And thanks janny for having a heart and not deleting the last two threads.

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Dont let the sacrifices of your fathers go in vain. You gonna make it in this lifetime and honor your fathers memories. I'm talking to all of the anons here.

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Marginalized by our own quirky personalities clashing with the norm (aka normies) we took refuge in geeky and alone hobbies like video games and anime. But contrarian to what we want to believe, we actually need and want to socialize. Since we failed to do so in school, we used the great opportunities of our times to do it through the internet. Doing so, we formed bounds and links that space and time itself could not trespass. How many anons did you heard say that their best friends sometimes where never made in real life ? Thats because in this entangled web that is the wired we minds that think alike find each others. And in these bounds we found common ground in our hatred for the norm and the normies. And through our superior intelligence and wits, we learned how to meme in a deep, deep level, far beyond the superficial normies memes. Dont forget that for most people, memes equate funny image on the internet. Through those memes, aka the genes of the collective minds, we found a pattern linking all of us through a divine goal, which is to ascend humanity as we know it. Even though we are not a genius like Sergey, we were quick, through our memes, to identify him as the true and modern prophet in this subspace that is the crypto currencies. Most of us mined bitcoins 10 years ago, only to loose our wallets that are now worth millions. We didn't know better, still naive and entangled in our escapism through online games and communities. Now that a new opportunity arise, we took firm grasp of our destinies and invested massively like autism in CHAINLINK never doubting ourselves, never selling. This journey that we went through is an epic one that shall be remembered through ages to come. We are all gonna make it.

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I appreciate every single one of you that said prayers for my father 2 weeks ago, I told you I’d update you on the situation good or bad, well unfortunately we got the bad news yesterday that he’s basically brain dead and has 0% chance of making it out of his coma alive short of a miracle happening. So as he takes his last breaths I ask you all to say one more prayer for his soul that God delivers him to heaven or into a better new life if reincarnation is a thing. Also thank you janny for having a heart and not deleting the last thread for prayers please do the same today.

My net worth has gone up quite significantly these past 2 weeks on a few pumps, yet it’s meaningless without my dad here to enjoy it with me. I also ask that all you anons take a moment of your day today to tell your parents that you love them, they’re here one minute and gone the next so cherish them and be grateful for everything they’ve done for you. God bless you all.

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