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being an activist/working for a cause is the only exception

If you have a shit income, it is because YOU ARE LAZY. period

you value video games/ smoking dope over education. while in the past this has been fine, the current generation has devolved into selfish LOSERS who are no longer content with their laziness and now want "free shit" and inflated pay for their for skill-less jobs. Their shit decisions are no longer just affecting themselves, they are now attempting to change the fabric of society to better suit their garbage lifestyle

>what can you do about this?

1) report any drug related behavior immediately to the cops. in jail, they will remain untethered from organized society and unable to spread their cancer

2) do not go out to eat. many of these degenerates are "paid beggars" depending on literal handouts (tips). they deserve to be homeless

3) use self-checkout. too many adults are working in grocery stores. these minimum wage jobs are intended to be for children who are almost always more productive than their loser adult counterparts

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a what?

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>Nobody here has 25k or more equity.

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>He owns a house
-shitload more room
-lower monthly payments
-seen as stable by women
-literally saving large portion of payment
-can have family stay over
-can scream NIGGER as loud as I want

>He rents
-neighbors a mere 6 inches away at any given point
-cuck to his landlord
-0% saved from rent payments
-no backyard
-shitty parking
-"be sure to clean up for inspection anon" LUL!!!!

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everyone keeps saying this but gives zero reason or explanation as to why
>I just think it should

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I'm actually not a weeb, this is like 1 or 4 anime images in my entire collection

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