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Wtf, what is it if not a cryptocurrency?

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someone redpill me please, I only know to hold and provide liquidity pairing

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I'd be pretty stoked at 4mm, my own house, no debt.
Realistically when I get there my goal will shift to 10mm.

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Thanks for the input nigger. I know locked liquidity is a common one, burn mechanic seems to be popular, staking and farming. Trying to see if the anons know of anything I don’t.

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Does the bobo posting actually piss anyone else off or am I retarded? Nothing like losing 1/3 of your net worth and coming here to see smug bear posting by jeets with 3 digit folios.

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Absolute state of this stickman cope

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>tfw bought in at 49k

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Aaaah thank you fren.

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Nice copy-pasta

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Samefag discord posters.

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Post your favourite midwit takes
>The bear market has started
>BTC is worthless and will die
>XRP and LTC are valuable projects

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But why does it get worste the more money? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Is there a deep meaning behind this?

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How do you find the next BSC shit coin before or at launch?

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you really think thats tinfoil hat shit?

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I bought a stack of ADA because big brains said it was smart. I wanted to buy RVN because I liked the logo more. ADA up 18%, RVN up 85%.

I feel like I should have submitted to my retardation...I’d be up more than I am.

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>why yes i do my trend analysis on nascent shitcoins with double digit points of data

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jesus christ

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im chasing another 10x whilst its down to try and increase my rubic stack before it shoots back up
pic related need answers

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Kek vaporware shit coin pajeets looking to pump n dump don’t fall for this

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whats wrong with less shills? i would love to hear it.

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Lol they think you are retarded. I can see it.

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