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It’s pretty obvious this dimwit aped into EGG and just got lucky. This thread could have easily been “I turned 4K into 2k in 1 week”

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Who tf trades when gas is $100 anyway

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Imagine being this new

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>1 post by this ID
>pink wojack

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>inb4 mithril

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So basically most of you just got lucky, huh?


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>tfw need a 200x to make it

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How the fuck do they come up with these picks
>Ethereum Classic
I literally don’t have words

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Why isn’t this on Binance? But it’s on coinbase? Wtf. Literally never seen that before

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>pay $100 in uniswap trading fees daily
>feel nothing
Has crypto totally numbed anyone else to the value of money? A year ago I would seethe when I had to pay more than $10 to have something delivered to my house and now I’m dishing out these transaction fees like it’s nobodies business

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>just buy my bags that are up 1600% in a month

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Everyone became a financial expert overnight

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>wake up
>see btc took a massive dump
>entire board is still sperging about GME
>no sign of crypto ever existing
Is it unironically over?

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how many people are going to go all in with their life savings tomorrow? they will be reading the news tonight and see this as a lottery ticket out of wageslavery.

this isn't going to end pretty.

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3 figures isn’t “hell”. 3 figures is “quit worrying about crypto and get a fucking job you loser”

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>It's all about shilling. Or "promoting" as they would say.

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>after the dollar collapses

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I’m sick of wasting every minute of my life on this faggy board and watching the price of crypto. Give me some coins that I can go all into and DCA every paycheck without having to worry about the short term price. I only have 5k so I’m pretty okay with risking losing it but I won’t buy
>anything that’s already mooned
>anything that’s too obscure
>GRT, don’t wanna have to worry about 6b tokens being unlocked later in the year
Do your best shilling biz

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>larping about what you think you would do if you had money

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Are you ever gonna get tired of this shit?

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