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OP this pic related only talks about one space out of many link can be used for. in short, for the network to be minimally workable the token has to be worth in relation to how luch usage its seeing. For example if i have a $1000 contract on the network, there has to be an equal amount of link in the network for that contract to even be executed. All these nodes gunna have a lot of linkies staled away

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Consider this info graph is only taking into account one of many industries chainlink intends to deal with...even if chainlink is able to capture only .01% of the individual industries the token will still be worth a ton...learn more about links tokenics and the industries its intending to change.

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Maybe my last reply , you guys have to put away the money goggles and think practically for once. In very simple terms, It is a fucking FACT blockchain cant talk to the outside world rendering it completely useless for real world application. Sergey says this, its nice that you can move tokens around but to do anything meaningful in the real world you need blockchain and smart contracts to communicate with real world values, chainlink does this. Just like every shitcoin needs ether, 90% of blockchains need chainlink to communicate with those real world values. Stop searching for the next shitcoin to lose your money, get some link and fucking forget about it for a year or two.

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Ahhh a no linker who hasnt done his research, heres a quick 'dumb it down for you' brochure..this example only talks about one out of dozens of fields link will effect.

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