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>nobody called the july fake and gay pump

I've been posting that screenshot here for 3 weeks kek. I made a fuckton from SPXS. It literally did exactly what I said.

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Only dubs in this thread are bobos. And they're right.
Maximum pain incoming

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Cancel all orders

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Notice they literally have NO case for a bull market right now? It’s just this absurd, delusional idea that “the fed is gonna pivot soon” or some right wing retard political screed about geopolitics lmfao.

Bulltards, nobody is coming to save you. You are literally fucking retarded in a million ways for not being cash now, but especially for not being cash when I told you to sell last September, November, and then December. This might be literally one of the worst times in the past century to be holding the garbage that you’re holding, if not EVER.

Energy prices are skyrocketing, every single central bank on the planet is tightening the fuck out of the money supply and is doing so with the intent of clamping down on economic activity. There’s literally no scenario here that leads to bullish activity lmfao. You’re literally reading fucking tea leaves like a lunatic schizophrenic looking for hidden messages in Jerome Powell speeches.

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Monthly rate increases till at least EOY are basically confirmed. Bobos, we won.

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Year of the Bear, present

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..would be sasd if... something.. HAPPENED TO IT!

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I can't wait for the recession announcement!

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We warned them every fucking day but they laughed in our face

Now they pay

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There are still 11 more FED rate hikes to come.
6 weeks apart individually.

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>crashes 30% in a day
>goes up 2%
>"this is it, bombo is dead"

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Amazing poem, fren.

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kek. they still don't know.

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Checked. This hollow ploy has always caught dumb money, until now...

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Sounds... Stinky
-1.86% break even on NFLX 195p doesn't sound too bad, also the closest SPXL puts are 6/17 so -4.3% breakeven doesn't sound too bad there either given its 3x and has 8 days.
You pay for premium right? They restrict premium gash for premium payers.
Chickens will eat scrambled eggs like fiends, and pretty sure that dog would eat a hot dog.
But thank you crab sir, I shall put some low ball bids in and if they go through ride the wave.

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Malt liquor for the bulltards
Champagne for the bear chads

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To be fair, he was actually right about oil having a local top there, that arkk post is pure delusion though.
Wrong, Looking at futures tells me what tomorrow will be, if futures are red tomorrow will be red. If futures are green, tomorrow will be red because those dirty futures are lying to me.

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I can hardly wait

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