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Ah yes, le confidentiality and privacy

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Beautiful digits lads. Who /all in/?

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Welcome to the club. I'm up 25%.

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Anons, gib me a model on how to monetize Stable Diffusion.
I've spent about 3 months learning the ins-and-outs, and I want to make a profit so I can buy more precious metals, crypto, and hopefully launch a legitimate business.
I already have a few ideas, but I want to know what you anons have to say first.

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I've got a job for ya sweety

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whats a under appreciated gem that will make me rich if I buy and hold? Don't want to trade just want to buy and forget about it for a couple years and come back and be rich.

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Look at the bright side baggies. You can still sell above $1. Not sure how long it's gonna last.

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How we doing fellas

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Not op but in regards to people who say go to therapy:
>live in a rural area
>country is a Scandinavian socialist "utopia" American democrats seem to be obsessed with so public mental health services are either not available or shit
>the only good therapist is private and 100 km away
>private means a shit tone of money I don't have at the moment

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priced in

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lmaooooooo this nigga buggin

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I have over a thousand shares in ComputerShare book entry and I'm not letting them go until I'm a billionaire after taxes now that we've seen fucking AMC ramp up to almost 10k.

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Yep, buying a house is a great investment if you consider your own time to be worthless to do maintenance and upkeep on it. Meanwhile I'm paying half in rent what I would do for a mortgage in my city and every time I take a massive shit in the toilet and clog it I can call maintenance and theyll clean it up for free.

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In 10 years your mortgage will be the same but the piece of shit house you bought in Hicksville, USA that was built in the 1930s will only be worth half of the "value" you "bought" it at and are still paying for the full price for. You'll think about leaving and selling the place because your hillbilly neighbors just shat out their 9th kid and they're spitting and pissing all over your property but selling would mean realizing loss and the fact that rentchads were actually right. I'm actually giggling to myself imagining you trying to do some "diy" project or fixing your pipes while I call up my landlord for any issue that I might have and have it fixed ASAP or else I'll sue.

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How do we profitize from incels for pure business reasons no hard feelings, invest in sex doll/toy companies, vr or both cause they come hand in hand. Throw some interesting ideas.

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Looking forward to it

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>another staking shitcoin bites the dust
What's next boys? Ethereum or LINK?

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if you don't belong, be short.

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If you are looking for WW3 look at WW2.

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I bought, bit.

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I am busting in my jeans

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