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... for (you) to lose even more money. Thanks for buying my bags dip shit

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It's so simple

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Convinced my mom i was with my gf with an AI voice of a random woman while i was with my homies high AF

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iaint reading alll dat
i'm drunk as shit right now and i need to sleep, could some of y'all just tell me about some coind that i can trade with dextools tomorrow when i wke up? thanksd

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>i miss not having to speak to people to get my meds back in the early days of covid
man i was a neet back then, when it started NOTHING changed in my life, yet my sisters and parents cried and whined about not being able to do anything they wanted or meet their friends KEKW

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>be me
>college student
>never took studies too seriously
>thinking of quitting
>will probably work as graphic designer
>living with a roommate
>he repeated 4 times
>is loud, smells like shit and a douchebag
>he doesn't clean, bathe or bothers to go to lectures
>i pay rent with job
>his rent is paid by his parents
>our apartment is divided on his side and my side
>brought pc from my house
>douchebag roommate logs into MY pc to play league of legends almost every day
>i need to study, research and projects
>his side is always messy and gross
>there's a fucking spider stuck on a solidified soda stain in the wall
>calls me a faggot for being skinny and taking care of my health
>he's morbidly obese and has cheetso stains over the only 2 shirts he owns
>i need my pc to finish important homework
>fat fuck says he'll "let me" have it after he's done playing
>3 hours pass
>he finishes the game
>i get up from my couch and walk towards him
>tell him calmly that i need it
>tells me to fuck off, that i'm not his mother
>pull the plug in rage and tell him to fuck off
>mother fucker starts raging and crying
>his tears get lost after reaching his triple chin
>i grab him by the sides and throw him into the ground
>move his ass out of the apartment and lock him outside
>fat fuck never bothered getting a new pair of keys, always used mine and never went outside except to buy himself food
>tired mentally
>decide to myself to study harder than anyone else, to win as much money as possible to not have to be such a lowlife like this inbred asshole
>want to move out
>no enough money
>already have a job
>start looking up shit online as fat fuck bangs the door and cries
>ignore him
>apply for second job
>at the same time look into crypto in desperation
>put 5k saved on a new coin
>4 hours later
>finish my assignments
>fat fuck still outside
>let him in
>he cries and apologizes
>feign forgiveness

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i did it bros i finally sold at the top and then bought back in
then i proceeded to dump the 14% profits into all my alts (AGRS,ETH and MATIC) just like the whaleanon told me to do
it only took 3 days of no sleep, nofap and dietmaxxing, im fine i think, fresher than lettuce

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I don't care about coins, tokens, stocks or whatever.
I just want sex. Sexy sex with sexy women.

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Should i wait for the full delisting later this month to buy?
or maybe wait for the kraken delisting...
i want the deepest dip i can get. getting those cheap xmr from the hands of scared moonfags is one of my greatest pleasures.

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Does anybody else struggle to talk with their hands and use body language for more influential speech? I never considered tonality, neutral language, mirroring, body language, etc. to be a better salesman and I think it makes me come off autistic. Any tips on non-verbals for better communication?

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Lying? on my /biz board? you know that won't save you from the mumus and their wrath right?

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buy signal

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D-Dexscreener bros.... Its not joever yet

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Gangsta Pepe, blastin' poopoo peepee on the board (board)
Seething janitor, cleanin' up this mess, he's ignored (ignored)
Butthurt haters, can't handle the heat, they're sore (sore)
Proud frog, makin' waves, breakin' all the norms (ooh-yeah)
Ain't no stoppin' the fury, Pepe leaves 'em floored

Can't handle the truth, the power that we bring (yeah, yeah)
Frogs united, we ain't backing down for anything (anything)
Gangsta rap, Pepe's takin' over the scene (scene)
From the board to the streets, this is how we reign supreme (supreme)
Poopoo peepee might be the nastiest scheme (oh, dirty)
But Pepe's got the swag, he's the ultimate meme (ooh-yeah)

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>sold the top again
Thanks for playing and don't worry, I will make good use of all of your money, retards.

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B-but op we're buying shitcoins and pepe is for buying shitcoins. Did you *burps* did you hear about husbant? it's a shitcoin *shits himself* get it? it's about a japanese woman dying of hypothermia telling their husband to to not buy shitcoins because she's freezing *pees himself* because shitcoins will make you lose your house. Get it?

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it is what it is

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few understand

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Well i've been given 200k and 400k before and i lost it all in various amounts of time. It was either due to my mismanagement of the money or because i chose to trust on the wrong people. Anyway i would probably try my luck and put it all into launching tokens, maybe allah or some other close launch. See if i can do the usual whale movement and try to duplicate it.
Knowing me tho i would probably find a way to lose it all

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are we going up or what? don't have all day to stare at the charts

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fuck your links cunts.

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