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At this point you’d be stupid to not have exposure to MCLB. They might be the next Harry, their treasury is 100m+ in the bear market and they’re developing shit non stop.
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Did you really hang out in a shitcoin thread for 12 hours for a less than 1% pull back?

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Whoever shilled me the bomb plans in December is honestly a king. I made bankloads on bomb, farming equal and solid lizard or whatever the fuck it is.
I think its still undervalued by a large margin because of the DAO pushing it. Farming Equilibre might pay off like Equal as well as its a launch partner
If Gay ever delivers anything Shade might 10x in a day kek
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Guy at work turned 5k into 1m and then back to 50k.
>he owes 450k on tax

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>Mfw bought FTM in 2021 and am now up +400%
>If i bought HBAR it would be -50%

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