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Ser since we started communication GME (ticker: GME) has lost 69444.4444444 dollars (150000000/3/30/24 (1 hour since post)). This money is not coming back ser.

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Amazon contributed to inflation with $15/hour min wage and 350K min annual salary.
Prove me wrong.

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>Russia announced it's cutting 1/3 of its oil supply to EU tomorrow
>oil is red
>markets are green

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>nothing more than nag people and make lists?

ya my first job out of college i automated one of these hag's job using excel and VBA then got fired. She had been "double checking" lists versus purchasing order lists, manually... for 20 years

pretty sure she was fucking the boss

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Finally got the 120 dot for minimum stake. Should I take it off staking in Binance and stake myself? Anybody got experience with this?

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I come here for the memes

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I have all my forms right here in these dubs, sir.

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Does anyone have a good program to rehash unverified Bitcoin transactions from the mempool and send them to my address? I remember using one called mempool sweeper or something like that back around 2012 and now I can't find it

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shiny gray rock better? more useful

buy low no?

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if you think of "pump" like fuel in the tank of a car, then $80-100 is where we go to 'gas up'

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At one point do you consider yourself being delusional towards your investment?
All jokes aside, objectively I put money in fantom near ATH and some more during dips
I sincerely believe the coin has a lot of potential, the dev team addressed the node issue, we got big new coming in the next few months (Afghanistan), chart anon made some good points, it looks like we're near the end of consolidation period, and the unstaking fud was disproven
On the other hand the coin has been crabbing for almost two weeks now, slowly bleeding, every pumps were denied and the bug bounty might scare people away

If you put everything into consideration, without emotion or anything, is fantom a good investment? As a newfag I'm scared I might be falling victim for the confirmation bias and only listening to positive news
How do crypto oldfags know/decide whether an investment has potential or not and if it's worth holding your bags for?
No paperhands here, just genuinely interested to learn more about investing

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if you are not dumb then yes kekw

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Mostly because /biz/ is too retarded to explain them what scx is but i will try to

$SCX is the token that represents total liquidity of Behodler. Meaning that you get SCX in return for providing liquidity. The ratio is a logarithmic curve meaning that if Exchanges total liquidity is increased by a lot, new scx will get minted but at much lower ratio. With liquidity event coming soon and behodler having no impermanent loss it means that scx is potentially gonna moonshot like crazy once liquidity starts getting added.

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Like if it’s not mined, then presumably the incentive is taken as part of the transaction. But wouldnt this need to be a large fee to keep the incentive enough?

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>you've... Reddit... here... first
Thank you anon

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do you guys buy shit to offset taxes? i dont really get how it works im new to all of it.

could i in theory write off my laptop and phone to offset taxes since i use it to check stocks and buy crypto and shit? what about the monthly cost of my phone plan since i use data to check it? do i only write off like 50% since my phone is only half used for that.

i was watching an interview with grant cardone and he said he was looking for tax write-offs and he owed a shit load and last second he went to buy a private jet to fly to his properties and he wrote that off

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How fren

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Buying at 0,3x

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Isn't it illegal to pump and dump? How long to you have to hold onto stock to avoid penalties? And how long do you have to wait before you can invest more of the same stock that you sold? Sorry I am a new fag.

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What’s gonna happen on the weekend? When’s a good time to go back in the market? Intelligent answers only

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Top 100 soon buy in

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Okay guys so I finally got my Binance account verified and I have 50 dollars to invest, where's the become rich overnight button?
This is not a troll thread, please help me escape wagie hell

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