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just as i have been predicting since last weekend
Silver to $30, Gold to $2500 by EOD

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But glad you are doing well in the meantime fren, any little bit will help going forward, just don't forget to cash in some of it every once in a while.

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I remember when I first got here you were able to tell from the posts if the market is going up or down. Now the whole thread is infested with retarded bobos who don't even trade but constantly post ironic troll posts for attention.
If you are a bobo who missed the generational dip and you are reading this kys you dumb faggot

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Based as fuck, don't worry about normies and haters giving you shit, and trying to tell you how to live your life.
Enjoy it bro, I'd just tell you, in case you are going raw and finishing inside, to be careful not to get woman who was right about to go on menopause to get pregnant by mistake. Though if you do and you are fine with it, that's cool too.
What a great thread bro, thanks for the motivation

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this is the best reply of 2023
put me in the screencap

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5 United States Dollars end of cycle SIRS

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fyi during the bear they scam pump on weekends to short squeeze the bears. during the bull they scam dump on weekends to flush out the bulls

now you know friendo.

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based and antoninianus pilled
Now this kind of coins have seen some shit.

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Used to be poor, now I'm rich. I'm still terribly unhappy. When I was poor, I had nothing but love and kindness in my heart but women treated me like shit. Now I'm rich and saw them 180 and they now treat me well, but all I can see is their true nature and feel resentment, so now I only use them and treat them like shit too. I really hate women a lot now.

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If you own any mintanon or holo coin, you necessarly have 90+ rarity items.

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You won't need a cash injection. You can hire lawyers to negotiate deals without money up front because they get a portion of the sale as commission. If you absolutely need money right away, you can obtain credit cards or borrow money from banks using your upcoming earnings as collateral.

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Mhhh what a tasty looking tummy!

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i rug shitcoins

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started buying scratch off tickets at the grocery store recently instead of day trading

my portfolio has gone up and I started bleeding massive amounts of money

turns out I was just using day trading to scratch a gambling itch I didn't know I had. I was walking around making fun of people who go to casinos because it never appealed to me. never played poker or blackjack.... turns out I was just gambling and didn't know.

Crazy thing is the customer service ladies are starting to remember me and recognize me. I am going through hundreds of dollars a week in cards and sometimes I cash out hundreds of dollars. They give very friendly grandmotherly smiles disguising their true concern. I dress down so they are even more concerned. I can't explain to them I am I literally avoiding losing tens of thousands by only losing hundreds. I am now cycling through different nearby grocery stores to throw them off and I also have a spreadsheet where I calculate the odds for every scratch off and every lotto game in my state and the remaining prizes(available on the site) so I am always buying the best options.

It's kinda fun and sad. might kill myself over this actually eventually

anyhow. later.

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>AI camgirls in the near future

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Very nice fren, I hope to be a landchad one day as well.

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>am I too late bros?
I'd say right on time to slurp the end-tail of the (((dipperino))). Now is a great opportunity to lower your DCA a bit.
I'd say we still have a bit of time before any big price action, shit will hit the fan probably around Nov/Dec. But until then i expect things to remain relatively calm.

Also 100oz is a good start, at the current rate you should be around 200oz by EOY if you keep this pace. Continue like this fren!

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Lol big if tru

my bastard

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Thank you for the info, see you around hopefully

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nice, I am 27 living with my parents and work from home doing email support. 0 expenses besides occasional fast food. 95% of my money goes into stocks and crypto

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>added my first gold ounce and 4 more silver rounds to my stack today

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>people bought GME over $100 and sold their bags at $50

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