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lol why are you still here haha

>now adios wont visit biz
you're just a filthy liar
what else is new

you don't make as much money as the other whores
try harder bitch
Belle Delphine is your queen

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it's funny when you think about it, this is all over a photo-op in front of a church with Trump holding the Bible

this is the hill they want to fight on
it's the same reason why they make gay pride parades route through downtown Toronto on "Church St."
they are mocking God
they turned "Church St." in Toronto into gaytown

and the masses of people pay for the privilege to get tortured by demons

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nothing new
a lot of the world's largest problems stem from sexual dysfunction

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>in addition, they've weaponized your own women against you since modern woe-man is married to the government and she obeys the state instead of her husband and God
and the supplicating betas (which make up the majority of the sad-sacks known as modern man) are working at a fever pitch to worship at the feet of women

meanwhile the money printers get all the best shiskas when they're young

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