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I'm scared about a crash bros
I remember my mom crying in 2008

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i didn't buy the bottom

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i know the feeling broski

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Big Bad Bakkt Makes Price Go Down

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pls no

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>LINK's journey is complete
this is the highest iq thing i have ever fucking read

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But if you’re not my fren then who is?

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das so mean fren u make me cry

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H-hi fren
sorry I'm scare

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>Only 9k LINK
>Was planning to put my final paycheck all in and most of the money I get for groceries
>Now it's too late and the Singularity has already begun

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sorry frens just had a bad day

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Why does there have to be suffering even for amimals? Why can’t life just be happy for everyone and everything?

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Women are so fucking bad with money. All I want is a gf who isn’t a spendthrift and will squander all my hard earned wagebucks. She doesn’t even have to be hot I’m just so tired of dating girls who make 20k and think they can make me pay for everything. What do guys

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