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It's not going to dump. It's over. It's unironically different this time. Any sell offs will be eaten up immediately. We won't get a bigger than 10% drop at a time now, and even those will only last a few hours.

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>MFW my little brother is smarter than me

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Bros there's this girl I've been trying to ask out for the past 6 months, she works at Target and always blows me off

>today she approaches me at the gym
>in my head I'm thinking "I already bought Tosa, my future is set"
>she asks me out to take a coffee together for the first time
>tell her no thank you and tell her she should focus on her Target duties like she always did

Remember not to settle for some broke dead end bitch once you make it, bros. Promise me this.

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It's almost like the ETF stuff is irrelevant noise and Bitcoin has simply been pumping because that's what Bitcoin does. It's almost like people buying paper Bitcoins does not have an effect on the price of the real Bitcoin. Hmmm.

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The Glumpinator is a little frog that lives on Geizegs, one of the moons of Uranus. Every day the Glumpinator goes on /biz/ to glump around, and to hang out with FRENs (far right ethno nationalists).

NOTE: the Glumpinator is not to be confused with The Glumper of /biz/

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I've been asking my family whether they want me to put money in for them, and the window is closing, and all I get is apathy and eyerolls.

I haven't heard a single person bring up cryptocurrency at work yet. I told my boss his bitcoin went up, because he told me a year ago he put 200 dollars in, but he sold during the bear market. He told me to sell at $50K. I didn't.

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What are the financial implications of the fact you will now get banned every time you mention Indians in relation to crypto or if you post Indian memes, as this constitutes "racism"?

Indian people are an integral part of crypto yet you can't name them on this board anymore for some reason.

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Return the funds Raj

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I missed the bullrun by holding dogshit "tech" coins (again)

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He lies about how much he works, it's a means for giving morale to his workers. Same with him sleeping in the Tesla factory. It's great for company image, if the guy running it works so relentlessly. He can guilt his workers into putting in 80 hour weeks.

In reality, he's browsing twitter and playing Diablo 4 for half the day. He uses his autism to memorise all the domain knowledge and insights from his best staff, so he can mumble about it evasively in interviews. He's a good manager.

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I just realized something. Everyone on here and the Internet is bitching about how women are overpaid, how they make tiktoks where they brag about earning money at the office without doing shit. But think about this, bros. We've put women through so much shit throughout history. Heartbreak, rape, murder, oppression. Seriously I like like joke a lot and be misogynistic but it's a miracle how little they hate us in comparison to everything we've done to them. And yet they still accept us. And yet they still love us. If the roles were reversed, and this were men in their shoes, the streets would be burning right now. And yet their justified anger is nowhere near that. They still want to build men up. They still believe in men. Women are beautiful. I'm sorry for every mean post I've made on 4chan about women. They're fascinating and amazing creatures. Which is why I think this bullrun we should collect a donation fund to try to give 1 BTC to every girl and woman in the world. They deserve it.

The male race

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I'm not a (retarded) LINK shiller but LINK didn't underperform, if you had LINK 6 months ago you would have a 26000% of profits right now
Newcoins usually doesn't underperform in their first year, i'm getting 4x regularly in this type of inversion like in SUPER

Newfags can't use a tool to profit

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I shitted my pants.

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I am a demigod trapped in the body of a lazy balding loser who is also a poor fag (I'm still special and destined to do great things)

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>BTC goes under 59k
>Shitcoins goes down too
>People start swapping their alts into more stable coins
>ETH goes up
>SUPER goes up
>SOL goes up


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Would you rather have 1 million dollars or be biologically 5 years younger?

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>the future success of crypto, a decentralized currency, is based on institutional and govermental recognition including but not limited to ETFs stored at a centralized exchange as a proxy for actual investment and government hedging instead of fiat

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Taxes and inflation are theft, fuck the feds and their 2.7% inflation per year according to Truflation

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You didn't invent the meme I invented the meme

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I'm a normie and haven't invested in crypto before, but is now a good time? Where do I invest in Bitcoin?

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I don't care about women, sex, children, being rich, having a family, getting married, owning a home, having a legacy, or preserving any race. I just want enough money to never work again.

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If you are an eurocuck you have to pay capital gains taxes in Binance
Here in America we don't have that but we got a rampant inflation according to the feds and Truflation and i, personally, don't trust the US dollar so i don't sell crypto, i just keep holding and swapping

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I finally made it this bullrun and received "the call". What was your netwoth when you received "the call"?

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