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uhh anon

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appreciate the info anon but that didn't really address any of my concerns

my main points are
>too many people know about it to call it a hidden gem
>there is a line between old/out of date people and "experienced" people, and I don't know if that line has been crossed here
>lastly what's up with the supply, is the gradual dump going to mean the price won't change much?

>Everyone Wins
I hate reading shit like this in projects, but I guess they explained themselves well enough

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>if Trump saves us from the coronavirus
he's the one who exacerbated the problem, and is still pouring gasoline on this fire

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>t. Obvious Pajeet

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NoLINKers: are you ok?

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I don't know. Everything sucks now. Remember when we thought chainlink would actually succeed... what a laugh.

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Imagine being with a flatass girl... yikes

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