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Based, buying 100k rn

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>I don't know what defi is
hey king

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>Seed phrase? Why yes, I do keep it on an unlocked notepad file on my PC

>How could you tell?

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Unironically yes. I haven't paid rent for 9 months and the landlord hasn't done shit but beg me for money every month because he can't legally evict. I have the money to pay but just don't. I'll just move once the eviction moratorium ends in June.

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I just put a buy order for 100 bitcoins for a dollar so now theres a massive unfilled CME gap at 1 penny so fuck you guys now youre really fucked permabulls

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Yum yum delicious hedge fund boots. Let me kiss your ring, my king

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Yum yum delicious hedgefund boots. Let me kiss your ring, my master

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Haha hedge funds go based

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I sold every share of GME. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to kiss the ring off all Melvin Capital managers, since that’s what a based Pepe does

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Why yes I sold in support of Melvin. How can you tell

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This is my fucking year guys. After I sell my GME shares I'm buying a boat and a waterside mansion.
Going to get myself a girl like that and become a fucking chad

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whos ready for a calm day of steady gains, etf chads?

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>as a matter of fact i just started rewatching The Sopranos for the 9th time

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Yes, I Panic Sold my 1000 BTC for links, how could you tell?
It would still drop, as some people would believe it

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>23 yo
>$1.4MM net worth

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