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ha ha i do not think so

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>"Bitcoin is really all that's needed"
t. 19 pbtid

fucking lol

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Of course it's a scam but is it a scam we can make money off of or a waste of gas?

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This is based fudjeet- he's on our side.
He's been fudding dusk since day 1 trying to accumulate lower, thanks to him i've been able to build up my 200k stack over the last 6 months or so.

Bless u based fudjeet, I might just make it thanks to you

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>Chainlink bad coin sirs, BAD.
>Buy Rocket Poo sirs.

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Invest it in real estate...people here are gonna shill you on crypto but that meme has left the barn and is over for now...there is no alt season and litecoin's halvening is the same as what will happen to bitcoin's next year so don't get your hopes up. And chainlink is an awful meme, don't get hooked into that scam pump.
Real estate has made people wealthy time and time again. You can leverage money you have to purchase a 150k property with only 20k and collect rents thru a property manager. Repeat that over time and in ten years you'll be set. People here on this site think only quick rick pajeet-negro tier thinking of what's available in the next 24 hours but chances are you've got decades left in your tank so plan wisely.
I started doing real estate ten years ago with less and glad I did it because over 40 you really do slow down, so plan long term.
That's all I have for now, back to /pol/ for me.

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getting pajeet vibes

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If I had to explain it to you, my aunt, that girl at the gym, etc I would explain it like this:
The Federal Reserve makes monies available to choice businesses for loans, of which they pay a small amount of interest; these businesses in turn use that money to do basically a few things... they loan it out at higher interest (loans, credit cards, etc), or buy their company stock (putting 'a bid under' their stock, thereby inflating the price making shareholders 'richer') or they can use the moneys to pay old debt at a lower interest rate.The Fed adjusts its interest rate higher or lower in response to demand/lack of the business cycle's need for money.
What this article says is 'The Fed can't stop it', which I find hard to swallow because they can always say 'we wanted it that way' or some other weasel phrases.
Anyway...how can you profit from this?
Over the past few years, a low interest rate has inflated stock prices and certain ones(you have to do your homework here) are more beneficial to lower rates compared to others such as Banks vs Caterpillar or Boeing or Amazon, etc.
Hope this helps...there's alot more to it obviously though.

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Do the needful and purchase some pre 33 gold from my brother Rajeesh at the gold exchange downtown Puducherry

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Long time no see...red ID confirms 20k by end of Summer

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please donate uppoos sirs

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would consider a hung older man fucking you up the ass as a way to lose your virginity and perhaps give you some ro$e$ to help you in your situation? asking for a friend...

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Thanks. Already all-in.

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10 years from now you are going to be 'downsized' and after all your unemployment runs out you're gonna realize all those online applications you filled out are automatically filtered out because you have no college experience and thats what all companies will be hiring as a minimum pre-requisite and won't even be able to consider you despite 'muh real world experience' and this is after you bypass all the jobs friends and co-workers can recommend and get you because they don't pay as well as your current job or they are a step down and beneath you
>bank on it

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pajeet fag...go to sleep or do some overtime at the call center just stop shitposting

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ETH short funding on shitmex is extreme.

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The needful

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>inb4: yes i trolled her

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>He fell for the zilli thot shill

kek m8

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