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I can’t wait until I no longer have to be homeless

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I swear I'm not a retard it's just not my field I'm just a Chemical engineer, I just want more linkies I'm trying anon

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i was thinking more about it, pic from OP is not my post. i was shilling LINK to my normie friends through 2018, still did in 2019. there's actually no fuckin way to get people to buy crypto like BTC, and not to mention LINK.

one situation is sticking to me to this day, when i was trying to explain LINK to one of my friends who is not that much tech saavy but is kinda smart and open-minded, he told me that he need X money to fix the bumper of his car.

That X amount was couple of thousand LINK then.

But wait, there's more. Couple of months later he sold that piece of shit used car, and bought another one in 2019.

What's my point is , and what that guy in OP pic wrote is basically :
There's no fuckin way for a normal person to grasp the idea of LINK , without doing hours,days, weeks, months on Chan.

I left chan like 3 times in my life, there's no coming back, and it's a blessing in disguise

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just took a loan of 10'000$ to buy LINK...
it takes up to 14 days until everything is done from signing the contract to receiving the money and buying ChainLink. am i to late or will the price stay at around 2.5$ until end of August?

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How often do you check the price of Link?

For me typically once at least a couple of hours

I know that's bad but I can't help myself

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Last 3 digits price EOY

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Is link gonna go back up?

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but my linkies are down

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>tfw no Chainlink gf

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>Money green ID
With you fren we are going to the moon

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Is it true that we're all gonna make it like next month? When can I join a staking pool and earn enough to retire and never work again while maintaining my same spending habits?
I fell for the hedonistic treadmill meme, got used to making 90k/yr atm. Please help me I'm so sick of work it gives me anxiety and depression sometimes I cry.

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just trying to get /biz/ bros to think about the market in terms of risk and not in terms of HODL-retard mentality. what is the difference between exposing yourself to link 100% and 75%? if link is as amazing as people think then you should make it either way but if the market turns from these dumps then one strategy has a a clear advantage. I guess it just depends on what risks you're comfortable taking. I didn't wait two years for a pump to not take some profits and balance my portfolio while watching it bleed every day.
t. $.25 average buy linky

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>upcoming financial crisis will cause investors to not wanna hold volatile assets which will lead to bitcoin dumping to 1k levels

See this never made sense to me

If there was a financial crisis, just the fraction of people who view crypto as a hedge against crises would by themselves balloon the market past the previous ATH

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3.69 and then 2.60
I thought we'd have a price discovery pump by now but I guess that was coupled with the coinbase listing.

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We will always have eachother /biz/
We all came here to make it and at this point it's inevitable. I'm sure that one day each of us will find our own form of happiness. It may not be tomorrow or next week, but sometime down the road your life will blossom (powered by Chainlink)

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/pol/ is going hard in the paint here, i'm scared of responding to brainlets talking about my country.

guess this thread is like 5 posts away from some /pol/ retard coming here and saying that holocaust didn't happen.

To all of you that responded with 3 digit iq, goodnight.

Mods delete this thread

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His name was cu meater.

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bls no lie op

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Me. Pls sell more bags.

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What I'm thinking is why would they cash out some of the dev wallet before SWIFT happens. I'm assuming if the breadcrumbs are true, the team would know its happening with considerable probability.

Plausible deniability to possible collusion allegations later on down the line between SWIFT and SmartContract?

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I sold the bottom, then it immediately started pumping and I fomod back in at 3.20.
Seriously, I lost 10% of my stack and it hurts so much.
I learned my lesson. Been holding LINK for 18 months.
This was the first and last time I tried to swing trade.

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are we stupid?

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