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I have 900 shares. Reminder:
Rising rates of depression and addiction
>Current treatments prescribed by Steinberg are proven ineffective or at worse detrimental
>Weed legalization redloilling normies that the war on drugs was a fucking farce
>Celebrities openly admitting and praising psychedelic use as the catalyst for positive life changing perspectives (Mike Tyson is probably the best case of this, bless that mofo)
>Silicon valley abuses psychedelics to gain professional advantage and creativity
>All the wealthy younger generation are in silicon valley
>Those who try psychedelics have a very high tendency to wish they could "spread the love" and make others aware of their positives
>Legitimate research being approved globally at a rapid pace for psychedelic therapeutics
>States have started legalizing their use, it's about to snowball like cannabis did years ago as other states realize they're missing out on revenue

MMEDF also doesn't just deal with shrooms. For example they're performing clinical trails for LSD as ADHD and anxiety treatments. Adderall is great and all but fuck does that shit have terrible side effects.

t. ADHD anon who trades on adderall

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>tfw a fucking unicorn emoji on the internet gave me a 2nd stimulus check before congress did

This truly, unironically, is a fucking clown world right now.

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>Nowhere was the pain more palpable than on Reddit’s “Trade XIV” group, which counts more than 1,800 members. One of them goes by the cyber-handle Lilkanna, and to say he’s had a rough stretch would be a huge understatement.

>“I’ve lost $4 million, 3 years worth of work, and other people’s money,” he wrote in a post that’s garnering lots of attention. “Should I kill myself?”

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Lol why buy at 200 when it'll easily dip to $160-180 by EoW?

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Ah here comes the volume. Norwegian and Carnival cruise going green. AAL as well. Tesla mild red.

Also a hearty welcome and slap on the back for those of you new to trading commodities, shiny variety. This shit is what these things do. Sit tight and get comfy.

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Literally any computer with a ce"lol"ron processor will do the trick lmao

Keep your money rather than buying meme shit tech

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i dunno if that's such a good idea in the social media witchhunting era of present day.

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