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Alright anons. I'm a late blooming link marine, got in at $1. Link was my first crypto purchase with the intention of hodling instead of buying drugs. When I first heard the term "six figure hell" I thought it was funny. Sure, Sudden Wealth Syndrome, taxes, etc, but I didn't know how real those factors were until I started approaching that hell myself. I'm thinking if rubic moons then I’ll be approaching seven figure hell, or I will be in a position to reinvest and probably reach seven figure hell somewhat easily. The biggest fear here is reaching one of these layers of figurative hell but not being able to enjoy it because of capital gainz tax.

So I found this pajeet article that’s kind of insightful, and seems to be copy pasted on other sites like medium and forbes word for word.


It says that if you hodl for over a year then you don’t have to pay taxes at the same rate. It also says that if you are simultaneously unemployed then you may qualify for a lower rate, as well as if you are filing as single.I’ve traceably cashed out many times, meaning I’ve swapped whatever shitcoin was into eth, sent the eth to coinbase and cashed out to my bank account and usually reinvest it later. Since I’ve gotten in to crypto, there have been lots of transactions on the books, lots of traceable gains and untraceable losses.

So I wonder, should I buy $1 worth of BTC or ETH and hodl for a year in case I ever want to cash out of rubic or something similar? I would swap my roobies for eth or whatever and send it to coinbase and cash out the eth that I’ve technically been hodling for a year now? Any other possible methods? Direct buyers? Wait for a BTC direct exchange? Wait for new laws?

I’m hoping insight from biz elders will help newfags and oldfags alike this tax season

also dubs is the price of rubic eoy


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I had to mute the stream but I watched it later after many hours of meditation to prepare my soul for the onslaught.

no amount of preparation was enough.

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Hello darkness my old friend...

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im so tired

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My linkies will be extra stinky $1000 EOY $40 EOD

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Listen to me:

Ignore these people. Diamond hands are called diamond for a reason. If it was easy we wouldn't be here. You only lose if you sell right now so DON'T. The squeeze hasn't remotely begun to be squoze and you close those eyes and you know I'm telling you the truth. You feel that? That's the feeling of us making a fucking difference. The battlefield is littered with those who couldn't survive this. You're a survivor so fucking act like it. Wake up, man up, nut up and shut up soldier. We're in the Endgame now. This is where Ironman had a decision to make - be a bitch or be a fucking hero. This is your time to be the fucking hero. This is your time to take their fucking gauntlet and snap them out of existence. THIS IS WHERE WE STAND TOGETHER. You're definitely not a loser greedy douchebag who ignored every single sign that the stock was tanking. So STAND TALL, STAND PROUD AND STAND UP SOLDIER. YOU ARE REPRESENTING EVERYONE ON WSB. DO NOT LET THEM WIN.

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It's over BLoOmbro

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it's over

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should I be concerned that poorfag normielinkers on this indoor yak ranching forum are obsessed with the price of link but never seem to cite the aggregated link/usd price from feeds.chain.link? Is it over?

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it's over

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I LARP as an oldlinker who bought at 20c but that's only because that's the only way I know how to I cope with the fact that I never bought any chainlink. I feel like killing myself every time I see a link thread but if I'm the one posting link threads it doesn't hurt so much.

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Linkies, take my energy and break through. Take my life as well so that none shall have the linkies I own that will be worth so much.

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it doesn't matter how many link I own because I will never have qt anime waifus (or nico bully gf)

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holding chainlink is a full time job

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i am financially ruined and i will now, during the peak of my despair, sell all of my lame stink erc-10 big mac tokens

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>sooner than you think, but not as quick as you like

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LINK at 1k would make me a very, very rich man

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