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does anyone in these threads short anything? what are you short right now?

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I just ate a Reese's Klondike bar for lunch. Damn that was good. Now time for a smoke

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Tick tock

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It'll spike eventually

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Mumu you might wanna take next week off

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Coffee and cigarettes go great together

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I love the smell of nicotine in the morning

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You're a Mumu larping as a Bobo. BTC is going several thousand higher before crashing sub 15k.

Ignore OP. If you short now you'll get rekt.

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Same. Made my last SQQQ buy today about 20min ago. Now we wait.

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The difference between $850 and $500 is only 7%

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check the monthly and not the 1min chart you crackhead

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Patience bobros... this is an obvious bear market rally, will sit in cash and enter new short positions later this week when this faux-pump starts to slow down

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It will crash & yet you’re paralyzed, unable to formulate a strategy

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t-12 minutes

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this is always a sign that we're near the bottom, when literally nobody gives a shit and even the fudders disappear. Actually the next step would be BAT threads just straight up disappearing, nobody even caring enough to make threads. I distinctly remember that happening before the last run-up to ATH.

the worst and most worrying thing about BAT imo is that it doesn't keep its gains, I mean it's almost right back to where it was prior to the bull market cycle. LINK for example had an insane increase in price and also lost an insane amount of value recently, but it still holds on to a huge % of its gains compared to BAT. My only guess for why this happens is that the BAT whales are more willing to dump huge amounts of BAT at almost any price and buy pressure on BAT goes away quickly.

The lesson there is to unload BAT as soon as you start seeing above-normal prices. Hard to bring yourself to do it if you believe in the project, and also the opportunities to sell your BAT are few and far between, but BAT literally always regresses to previous ranges. In its entire history, it has always always regressed to previous ranges. That's why its chart looks kind of like a heart monitor, up and back down, every time.

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I'm writing the white paper for my BEP-20 Token and I finished everything except the technical side.

I know nothing about tokenomics, pool liquidity, a marketing wallet, transaction tax percentages, reflections or anti-whale mechanics.

I would like to be able to explain these things but I have no idea how to run my token.

How do I go about figuring this stuff out for my token?

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The inevitability? You pump, only to get dumped on. You, mumus, you are my meteor. My swift and terrible sword and the Market will crack with the weight of your failure. Purge me from your boards, put your own stimulus checks against me. It means nothing. When the dust settles, the only thing making money in this market... will be our shorts

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I hope you guys shorted up
This shits going to 0 by eow

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