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nice, that's at least 1 million by next year.

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take a hit of my bat pipe and chill out faggot

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you still haven't told me my IP from the other thread you shat up faggot, you sound worse than the kids i use to encounter in early cod
days saying they can send me a virus through my router

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You didn't think the constant shilling over the past week was organic did you? I love BAT but that was a sign that the top was in. They were coordinating market buys to bump the price and then dumping on the new guys. BAT only went up because bitcoin went up, that's obvious in the bat/btc chart.

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welcome to the club, your funds are safe with us batbros

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someone has to buy at the top, be glad you bought in under a dollar

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Never heard of BAT?
BAT is short for Basic Attention Token; it is a digital advertising token which is built on the Ethereum blockchain. In short, it is the currency of the Brave browser. Brave is a security browser focused on privacy, decentralization, and bringing the ideals of Web 3.0 to the internet browsing/advertising sector. It was developed by the co-founder and former CEO of Mozilla Firefox and creator of the JavaScript programming language.
^stole from plebbit
Brave users are rewarded with BAT when they view non-intrusive ads, they receive 70% of the revenue and brave pockets 30%.
1.5bill max supply nearly reached, whales are accumulating.

>Brave will bring DeFi to everyone through a new decentralized exchange aggregator to enable token swaps with distinct advantages and added value for Brave/BAT users, including:

Discounts when utilizing BAT for paying transaction fees.
Discounts for users that hold BAT balances in their wallet.
Multi-chain support with many assets and blockchains.
Some of the things we plan to explore for Brave DeFi include:

A Decentralized EXchange (DEX) where Brave will incentivize liquidity providers to grow the BAT and broader crypto ecosystems.
L2 solutions or other optimizations (see Themis section) to enable DeFi access and participation for people with as little as $1 in BAT earnings.

>One address has increased its holdings from 53.63M to 126.92M BAT tokens in the past week.

So what are you waiting for anon? You are still early under $1, this shit is going double digits in the near future. 10k stack is suicide

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