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Why do people take so much enjoyment out of crypto investors failing? Don't they realize that most of us are poorfags desperate for hope? It's like making fun of people with gambling addictions.

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there's no hope to anything anymore. im going to start smoking weed again every day, jacking off every hour and playing vidya gaymes 24/7

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>Mfw I'll never have a bathroom looking that clean

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Sorry Mr. Pena
Can we has 30k BTC now pls?

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I hope.

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V-vad betyder det, anon?
Jag sålde nästan allt igår förresten.

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i dont wanna play anymore you guys

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why is this happening

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i'm starting to think the bull run might be over

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monday is gonna be an absolute bloodbath isnt it?

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Why do I get taxed for being special?

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I cant take this fucking stress anymore I'm getting a migraine all of this shit is too much fucking pressure if the market crashes it's going to fuck up my entire family and it already has started to I want to fucking cry

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just finished my first day of work. and i hated it. i start an even longer schedule next week. my parents are thrilled i have a job and i'm stuck thinking "wtf is this really how the world operates?" why the fuck am i still forced to work 8-9 hours a day? i can't even fucking concentrate for that long, let alone suppress the resentment of losing out on that time internally. why can't i work as i fucking please? why isn't working more dynamic, instead of being locked into these rigid fucking methodologies that worked at the pinnacle of the nuclear family that NOW in no way, shape or form fits into the world we live in today. what is going to break first--- people's will (because i'm pretty confident millennials/gen-z is going to refute this outright) or will jobs refusal to adapt? god i want to fucking puke.

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This market makes my stummy hurt

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i start work again tomorrow

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>That's a man
I thought you guys were meming this whole time. Is every "girl" posted here a fucking tranny?! I've jacked off to some of them. God damn.

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b-but the s-silver chads

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i cant even make friends here

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i made poor decisions this "bullrun"
its probably not coming back this time either
covid/2020/money printing was a once in a lifetime catalyst
i'll either be 40-50 or dead when they do it again

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im already in my 30s

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I am sorry for your loss

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how long do I have to wait before RKT goes back to 39

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