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how can I contact you and stop being a poorfag cuck? I don't need help that much already have an amazing crypto algo trading method but It'll take a year or two to get rich

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Many of us share the same story my man, pathetically weak boomers completely pussy whipped that let (((society))) raise us because they were too busy being bugmen zoning out to television instead of being involved in their kids lives left us to the wolves to fend for ourselves. My dad got cucked by my mom and is currently getting cucked by my step mom but is either willingly ignoring it or he’s really that clueless. I try not to be bitter about it, my dad is a good man at heart but damn near an NPC. We could have been the same way had we not had the internet to help us step outside of the (((cave))). We won’t make the same mistakes, we will rise above it and make sure the young men of tomorrow aren’t as misled as we were. Mind, body and spirit anon. I pray crypto gives us the resources to turn this clown world around.

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I’m 28 it was easier getting pussy before social media my dude all these girls egos weren’t extremely inflated thanks to that same swiping you were just taking about. The success rate for guys that are good looking on tinder is like 5% your average dude has like a 1% chance. If you weren’t a loser in your youth and had a friend circle pulling girls was way easier before they all could get pump and dumped by Uber chads via tinder. Shit I even fucked a few that were way below my standards on there and contributed to this madness I refuse to participate in it and would rather just not get laid than continue fueling the downfall of society.

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Riddle solved screenshot this

>>A chain is only as strong as its weakest link...
> chainlink is based
>>Large things come in small packages...
> ledger wallet
>>The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long...
>timing for this is everything
>>And the candle of vapor never casts but a shadow upon the wall..
>the Men in Black are coming ....FBi wants Malta ex
>>Those who accumulate will lose...
> dont buy on exchanges
>>And those who scatter will gather...
> basement dwellers (you) on 4chan
>>While those who depend on reliance or faith...
> OTC investors
>>Will find no rungs to climb on this ever shrinking ladder...
>otc and regular Joe buying on Binance are fucked
>>The stone that is a block shall be born anew...
> they (Fbi) are opening pandoras box
>>A flag of the meek, supported by few...
> MAGA (burgers) selfish with a big ego
>>Think small, and your rewards will be unfathomable
>buy a wallet ledger put away all your crypto away and wait for the feds to crack down. The Phoenix will rise dont fuck this up
>Do one thing, and do it well.
Buy a wallet ledger, store keys shovel that shit

Remember not your wallet not your keys and the feds are coming for binance

This is it, this what we need to shake off true normies

Poor uncle Joe

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