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Azure will thrive in our new remote world. Also, have people forgotten the new Xbox is dropping soon as well? MSFT Chads never lose.

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>MSFT at 185

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MSFT is a based investment, ignore the shitcoin peddlers. Lots to look forward this year with the next gen Xbox dropping. Also, they stole a massive government cloud contract from Amazon and Google, meaning Azure will become the titan in cloud computing. IMO, you have a room temperature IQ if you don't have MSFT in your portfolio.

Additionally, check out SOXL anon. It is a 3x Leveraged ETF comprised of the titans of the semiconductor industry: Nvidia, AMD, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Intel, etc. As demand for faster computers, automation, AI, and IoT continues to trend upward so will semiconductor demand.

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MSFT is king, sprinkle some AMD in there if you can cop a good entry price (46-47).

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Look up ZipTrader on the tube. If you can get over his physiognomy/voice, you'll learn a lot.



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Back in the green after hours thanks to MSFT alone, thank you GigaSoft. Azure will rule this decade, screenshot this!

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