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>oh mistah you so handsome. You so rich. Come, ride. I take you.

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C-c-close enough

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>kuya, Chinese are our friends. We give them land in china seas, and they give us vaccine so we can be guinea pig

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Depends on where. Shitistan? Pretty far away.

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>be me, Frederico inasal
>rev up my jeepney like an alpha chad
>women squirt immediately upon hearing la cucaracha horn music playing and seeing the black diesel smoke belching from my 4 cylinder ride
>sexy bitches Literally throw money at me all day to drive them down the street and listen to brown label Filipino rap mixed with pay trance

Don’t hate the master race

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>oooyyyyyy!!! Who gonna wanna ride????

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>what did you do during covid?

>I did what the government told me and stayed inside until I lost my job and all my money

>God bless, duterte. He choose health over money. Best president ever

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>poor fags who dont have 100k shares

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Oooyyyy, just buy jolliebee and San Miguel, ruperto. We get rich!

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I’m gonna go club hopping with Ruperto longaniza inasal so I can savor that sweet brown sugary pussy.

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Chicken adobo miho!

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>why, yes, I have 100k of omg. How did you know?

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>public transportation 1.1 million php/mth
>also up sell baby duck eggs +500k php/mth
>also up sell coconut wine +800k php/mth

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>not going to the local remittance
>giving cash
>immediate transfer to shitwallet
>immediate buy of shitcoin

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When you gonna step up to 1 million like me and drive a jeepney?

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Oy! Vargiza Verona!! Come ride in my Jeepney! We make a lot of money! You want some San Miguel??? Bring the adobo, ok???!!!

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>why, yes, I love catching falling knives in shitcoins. How did you know?

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>not going to a tambunting and depositing 1 million php cash and getting crypto in 1 min

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Hey estoy, gimme a family value and make sure the fries are fresh. Flips always give out the sorriest fries all cold and soggy and shit. Worst customer service ever.

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all in wkhs 10 July 30c

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Ssshhh!!! You give our secret to infinite abundance away, Paolo.

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Are there any coin stores in Manila, Philippines? All I see are over priced silver eagles selling for 40$

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>charismatic ceo
>super diamond hard fan base
>multiple next level new software
>each car collects multiple data making Tesla big data
>imagine driving an iPhone
>mobility as a service expected to be 7 trillion by 2025

Selling at Tesla 230 billion

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>not buying tax free muni bonds

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