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the steady ascent to $100 LINK
hold the line marines!!!!

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but link plz sirs

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DocuSign valuation: 41B
Link valuation: 6B

LINK is inappropriately undervalued by a staggering margin.

With DocuSign there is no confirmation that the terms are enacted after the contract is fully executed; 90% of quotes are not confirmed against anything but a fucking word doc.

A more appropriate spot price on LINK would be in the $120-130 range, with guidance 10/15% higher

Seems like normies are asleep at the wheel?

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I saw Sergey once when we were prisoners in Dachau in early 1944. We all called him Skellyjew. He derived a new method of distributing potato gruel amongst the prisoners based on something called smart contracts. We all gave him our potatoes, and he paid us in thin air, or “Ether” as he called it. I tried to keep my thin air, as I thought it wouldn’t be an appreciating commodity, but I had a hole in my wallet and the Ether just diffused out. Eventually I tricked enough people into sending me 0.1 of a potato in exchange for me not kicking their heads in, and I escaped weeks before the Americans arrived. I spent the next years trying to track down Skellyjew and get my Ether back, but leads in Switzerland and San Francisco come to nothing.

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Do not forget - DeFi is just one of many, many use cases

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Beautiful. It's bleeding out into "reality"

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inquire into the truth. know yourself in every aspect that is available to be known. the words of jesus can only be seen by a man devoted to truth.

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