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Both these batniggers AND the dogbatniggers both deserve the spiked bat.

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You're wrong.

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hold for another 35 years anon.

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>May your LINKies appreciate bigly
y-yours too!

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>dopamine running low
>curtains closed
>vitamin d depleted
>feeling the depression coming on
>"w-we're going to be rich a-arent we??"
>breathe a sigh of relief
>other anons are reassuring you you're going to make it
>ten minutes pass
>the feeling has worn off
>time to make another thread
>"link price prediction thread"
>yeah that's nice... look at all those numbers
>put all the posted numbers and multiply them with your stack
>haha wow, thats a lot of money
>imagine what all you could do with that money
>maybe i'll finally have sex...
>sun peeks through the curtains
>you hear your parents waking up
>hehe, fucking wagies
>the depression comes back
>the dopamine rushes dont last as long as they used to
>time to make another thread
>"is 30 link enough to make it?"

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He literally is

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I have 350 million LINK. I didn't spend a single penny on it, in fact I just printed it out of thin air and others gave me money to print it lol.

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I am losing hope. Don't know what to do, bros.

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Doesn't let my tokens pump?

It's literally over.

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There was a point on this board where you couldn't scroll without seeing someone shilling SERGAY and ChainLink. What happened to these faggots? Is there a future for Link? Considering buying in looks like a pretty good bottom right now unironically.

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>If so, how did you do it?
bought Ethereum, bought LINK, bought AVAX, bought JOE
simple as

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In the process of transferring 5k link out of cold storage and will be selling the second it hits my shitty exchange.
The face of this fat Russian scammer will haunt me until the day I die. Ive bagholded from 80 cents all the way up to $50 and back down to here. I honestly thought we'd have seen $100 by now which was my sell target. I just hope the feelings of wanting to rope will subside one day.
I will screenshot my transactions once I've made them as I'm sure you fucking morons will accuse me of larping. All I can say is if you are still bagholding good luck to you, you're seriously going to need it

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>Sergey waddles onto stage and assumes a power stance behind the podium
>proceeds to stare at some massive milkers in the 3rd row
>continues to do so in udder silence for 9 minutes and 55 seconds
>then lowers his mouth to the mic mouth agape is what would later be described as a sensual motion
>waddles offstage to thunderous applause, multiple women faint
>later that evening the aforementioned milkers are found tits up in a hotel room
>recently spun up Proof of Death nodes report "death by orgasm"
Also who has a link to the stream, I'm not asking, I'm demanding

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>mfw we're disbelief on the right going into disbelief on the left

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I miss him so much bros it's insane

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Is this the beginning of his redemption arc?

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Or is he just so autistic that they don't even register to him as more than random splotches of color?

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Look I know it is almost unbelievable, but some of us have 2xed and in rare cases 3xed our money.
If you do your research it is possible, but extremely rare.

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In less then 24 hours sergey nazarov will dump 1.5 million coins on the market dropping the price to 24
Please sergey if your reading this please be gentle the marines have been going through a tough time.

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They got me, I am now NPC.

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up 10% and no Link threads. Am I forgotten?

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Post Sergey copypastas for 1000 eoy

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