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49 and prime dated during the 90s and had over a decade of marriage later. Women's lib, suffrage, the "sexual revolution", all straight from Satan.

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>love of my life
>future wife of my children who will raise and mold and care for them
>is a dumb fucking cunt that falls for lies that are disprovable with 10 minutes of online research
>being stupid as fuck is not enough, she's also a manipulating sociopath that attacks you emotionally and thinks she can tell you what to do with the money your own grandfather left you
>cant understand youre doing this for both of you and your future kids, wants to hurt you and destroy your dreams so she can feel good about it and gloat to her friends

You dumb fucking leaf she's fucking her hippie friends behind your back and clearly doesnt respect or even see you as a man. You probably dont fuck her right either. Either way youre absolutely fucked because you married a dumb screeching harpie that will try to micromanage you for the rest of your life as she fucks other men behind your back

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